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Book Review: College Love by Edgar Morgan

College LoveBlurb:

Gabriel and Bradley are two college guys, their days are like any other, with sports, university and girls.

But they have a deep secret, the sex between them. Will that sex be love? 

Todd's rating:

I have pretty mixed feelings about this one.

I saw the book cover, which I thought was adorable, then read the blurb, which although short, sounded pretty promising.

The story line itself was fairly concise and interesting; however, there was a *lot* of telling versus showing, especially in the first half of the book. Not really a fan of that.

Gabriel is a 20 year old soccer player and law student, the son of conservative parents, who lives to do what's expected of him and to make other people happy, choosing a field of study simply because he's guaranteed to make a lot of money and 'look' successful to others.

Bradley is a 20 year old rugby player and med student, with an understanding and supportive family, but also a tendency to be overly concerned about what others think of him. And, oh yeah, a steady girlfriend.

So when Brad and the girlfriend, Alicia, have a fight, Brad refuses to cancel his plans of a night in the city with Gabriel, leaving the girlfriend and their mutual friend, Jacqui, at home.

The usual joking sexual banter between Brad and Gab continues through dinner, a movie, then clubbing, where they run into Brad's housemate and his friends.

Two of Brad's friends happen to be gay and invite Brad and Gab to tag along with them to a gay club and Gab rides to Brad's rescue by pretending to be Brad's boyfriend to fend off a rather persistent suitor.

Both boys get into playing boyfriends at the club, which ends in a very touching slow dance to Alison Krauss' "When You Say Nothing At All."

God, that scene was insanely touching, as the boys' attractions and feelings coalesce into a something much more tangible.


** Note: If you've never heard of the song, it's ridiculously beautiful, even if it is a Country (ish) song, so do yourself a favor and check out the heart-felt lyrics in the video below.

Alison Krauss' "When You Say Nothing At All"


So, yes, for the most part, I did really enjoy the story of these two gentle, loving young men, as they became brave enough to embrace their true feelings for one another.

HOWEVER, there were a few things that I found extremely distracting in regards to both the author's writing style and other aspects of the story.

-- In his tendency of telling versus showing, Morgan lumped thoughts from *multiple* characters into the *same* paragraph, which I found both confusing and annoying.

-- And the length of Morgan's paragraphs tended to be very long, sometimes taking up an *entire* page. For a *single* paragraph. Ummm, am I the only person who finds that style more difficult to read than breaking up the text into coherent sections? I suspect not.

-- I'm not sure I've read a book with quite so many wording errors in many years, even in 'galley' copies of books provided to me by authors pre-release. A few were so bad that I copied the text into Microsoft Word to see if it would catch such obvious word flubs, which it did. All. Of. Them.

-- Cheating. Yes, there was cheating, but only on two occasions.

-- Then, lastly, when the book ended with the anticipated HEA, we were provided with no resolution to the girlfriend situation. Nada. She was mutual friends with the entire foursome of friends; however, there was no word of how the breakup went, if she was furious with Brad and Gab, feeling betrayed. Nope, nothing at all.

So, there was much of the book I truly loved.

And I lot that made me want to sit a few people down and have a serious conversation about writing style, readability and editing.

I would consider reading more from this author, but I'd want reassurances from other trusted reviewers that my above niggles had been corrected in those other books before that will happen.

With all that taken into account, this one rates as 3 *good-story-but-more-serious-editing-please* stars for me.

This was my copy of the book and was not provided by the publisher.

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