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ARC Review: The Deep of the Sound by Amy Lane

The Deep of the Sound (Bluewater Bay, #8)From the blurb:

Cal McCorkle has lived in Bluewater Bay his whole life. He works two jobs to support a brother with a laundry list of psychiatric diagnoses and a great uncle with Alzheimer’s, and his personal life amounts to impersonal hookups with his boss. He’s got no time, no ambition, and no hope. All he has is family, and they’re killing him one responsibility at a time.
Avery Kennedy left Los Angeles, his family, and his sleazy boyfriend to attend a Wolf’s Landing convention, and he has no plans to return. But when he finds himself broke and car-less in Bluewater Bay, he’s worried he’ll have to slink home with his tail between his legs. Then Cal McCorkle rides to his rescue, and his urge to run away dies a quick death. 
Avery may seem helpless at first, but he can charm Cal’s fractious brother, so Cal can pretty much forgive him anything. Even being adorkable. And giving him hope. But Cal can only promise Avery “until we can’t”—and the cost of changing that to “until forever” might be too high, however much they both want it.

Heather's rating:

Some of my all time favorite books are by the extremely talented, Amy Lane. When she gets it right and I connect with one of her stories, I'm in it and I can't get the characters out of my head. This was not one of those books for me.

I liked the concept of this story. Though it is set in the Bluewater Bay universe, I think it could work pretty well as a stand-alone. Avery is a dorky, skinny, goofy, lovable guy who is looking to get a fresh start in Bluewater Bay. Cal is a overworked, extremely stressed out guy whose life is becoming unbearable. He is the main caretaker for his brother, who has a multitude of disorders including Aspergers, ADHD, and violent tendencies, as well as his uncle, who suffers from dementia.

First of all, I'd say this is classic "angst and pain" Amy Lane. These guys have hard, crappy lives with little joy, especially Cal, who barely hangs on for most of the story. At times, it was painful to read, and I'm an angsty Amy Lane-lover. However, that was more of a minor issue for me.

What really got me about this book, the reason why my rating isn't super high, is that these guys had insta-intensity. I'm not going as far as to call it insta-love, but the depth of feeling that they had for each other after such a short time and with very little in common, didn't strike me as realistic. When it came down to it, I wasn't feeling the whole "nicknames," cutesy, ultra-intimate vibe.

While this book was still solidly written and I can see why most readers really enjoyed it, it wasn't even close to one of my favorites by this author.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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