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Spotlight: Sequestered Hearts by Michael Kudo

Please say hello to Michael Kudo 
who's joining us today to talk about his new novel

Sequestered Hearts


After the Riots at Stonewall, a major political movement took place which resulted in Gays/Lesbians becoming slaves.

Colton Taylor was born with every advantage – except parents who are there for him. His father and mother are constantly absent because they’re too busy keeping up on the family business, and when they are around they nitpick at him and make him feel like he’s only a tool to further their legacy.

Colton has no problems with the slaves his family owns. He doesn’t care if they’re gay or lesbian; to him they’re just people. One day he meets an interesting slave named Oliver, and the two hit it off. Eventually they start hanging out (in secret) and a relationship blossoms.

Colton knows if his father was to ever find out it would spell trouble but he can’t stay away from the only person who makes him feel special and loved. Even if it means giving up everything he has. Because love is all that matters. And it always finds a way.

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Michael prepared a guest post in which he talks about the novel's title...

First I want to thank Sandra for allowing me to do a guest post on My Fiction Nook. I really appreciate her squeezing me in last minute.

I wanted to talk about the title of my new novel and why I chose it.

When the book was first being written, I had a title in mind for it. I'm sure some of my friends on Facebook remember me posting about writing "Dark Honey" or updating the little Facebook app that tracks your word count for manuscripts and the manuscript "Dark Honey" being finished a couple months ago. I finished and then sent it out to my beta readers. Unfortunately, for me, a good portion of them sent me back notes and the common recurring comment was: the title doesn't make sense.

Well...that's always fun.

After I nursed my wounded pride, I actually sat down and thought about it for a while and realized they were right - the title didn't fit anymore. The novel had totally changed from my original ideas and the apiary/honey element wasn't as prevalent as it was in the original draft/story-boarding stage. I went back to the drawing board and I spent hours/days/weeks (seriously) trying to think up a new title. It didn't have to be great or mindblowing, just something to sum up the novel a little bit better than the previous one did.

The release date was getting close and I still had nothing. I asked a few close people (fiance, sister, etc) and nobody had an idea. So I shot a message to a really good friend who also happens to be an author, Taryn Plendl (*cough*shamelessplug*cough*) and she told me she'd help me come up with an idea. We bounced back a few words/thoughts off of each other, and eventually she was brilliant and came up with the idea for the title. As soon as I heard it, it clicked. This was the PERFECT title for the novel.

Sequestered - (of a place) isolated and hidden away.

That word was the perfect way to describe Colton and his situation. His feelings, his emotions, and everything he wanted in his life were sequestered by his family/his fear of disappointing his parents. And only when he met Oliver was he able to free them and be the person he always wanted to be. The person he truly was.

Question for our readers: Was there ever a time you had to hide who you were because it would upset someone closest to you? Tell us about in in the comments!

One randomly chosen commenter will receive an e-book copy of Red Rose (Blood), Michael's first novel.

More about Michael:

Michael was born and raised on the Jersey Shore – the geographical location, not the TV show. As such, he cannot boast having tanned skin, a rock-hard body, or being BFFs with Snooki. His version of GTL is gaming, Tumblr, and Lounging. He didn’t know what to do for a living until he wrote a couple of fun short stories as an English class project and made people laugh, something he’s always enjoyed doing, and decided that’s what he wanted in his future.

A self-described “Otaku” (person with obsessive interests in manga, anime, and/or video games) Michael spends most of his time enjoying those things, becoming emotionally attached to fictional characters and collecting every bit of My Little Pony merchandise available.

He lives with his fiancé of five years in the heart of NJ.


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