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Book Review: Love Is an Open Road (Don't Read in the Closet 2015)—Dani's Top Picks, Round 2

An extension of the Don’t Read in the Closet event from the M/M Romance Group at Goodreads.com, Love Is an Open Road is a collection of FREE M/M short stories and novellas.

The stories are written by authors who are members of the GoodReads M/M Romance group, and are based on images and prompts provided by members of the same group.

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Dani's ratings:

I am completely astounded by the quality of the Love Is an Open Road (LOR) stories released thus far this summer. There's something here for every reader: fantasy, contemporary, young adult, new adult, light & fluffy, angsty as hell, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, and more. Some stories are sexy, some sweet, but all are worth reading.

Support new authors or check out a tried & true favorites. At least one new story will be released daily through September 2015. Download links are available a few days after the story is released.

The following stories are my Round 2 Top Picks.

Check out my Round 1 Top Picks for more awesome LOR stories!

The Downs
Kim Fielding

Leave it to Kim Fielding to build a stunning fantasy dystopia featuring an anti-hero, a scarred giant, and redemption found in a land of vicious fog and demons. The Downs is exquisite. And I'm not just talking about the hauntingly sexy cover. This is a story about revenge and redemption, about hatred and love, about realizing that the person who sentenced you really set you free.

Read my full review on GoodReads.

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Lisa Henry

This story is just right: a delightful, dirty romp through the stables of Regency England. Includes: a brat in need of a spanking, a baronet with a penchant for tight arses, sexy enemies-to-lovers theme, delicious 15-year age gap, and puppies (plural!).

Read my full review on GoodReads.

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The Frat Brat
Nico Jaye

This story is sexy, delicious fun! Kyle shamelessly flirts with Dice in the hopes that maybe, MAYBE, Dice will return his attentions. Bonus points for a Japanese-American MC with nipple bars.

Read my full review on GoodReads.

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Wrong Direction
Kelly Jensen

Wrong Direction brims with lightness and humour. I laughed out loud many times. This story is about two college boys who are complete opposites but so right for each other.

Read my full review on GoodReads.

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Pull Down the Sun
Danni Keane

This is a beautifully written, pitch-perfect coming-of-age story about first love and the secrets we keep. Everything is sharper, brighter when Tom and Jacob are together. There is so much to love about this quiet, bittersweet story, so many truths between the lines.

Read my full review on GoodReads.

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  1. Hey Dani, I've been waiting for Kim's story to be available for download, so happy to see that you've given it 5 stars. Will download when I get home from holiday. <3


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