Friday, June 12, 2015

ARC Review: Trust Me (Lightning Tales 2) by K.C. Wells

Ric Costanza and Connor Ferguson grew up together, friends all the way through high school – until Ric pushed Connor away when they were both sixteen. Self-preservation is a very strong force indeed. Connor had his own theory as to why it happened…

When they meet up eight years later, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Ric is about to enter the priesthood and Connor is engaged to Keira. Except all is not as it seems. Ric is a mess, and Connor wants to help.

What starts out as a simple offer to provide a shoulder for a former best friend becomes more than both men bargained for.

Dani's rating:

This is another great read from K.C. in the Lightning Tales series.

While Nick and Alex from book 1 make a brief appearance, Trust Me can be read as a standalone.

This estranged-friends-to-lovers tale is steamier than book 1 and deals with a fairly angsty issue: coming to turns with your sexuality when a vow of celibacy is in your future.

When we meet Ric, he's already struggling with the promise he made his zealously Catholic Italian mother at age 11: to become a priest, a man of the cloth.

Ric has been putting off taking his vows. He is unsure of his life's path and running into his childhood best friend, Connor, leaves him feeling even more anxious and unsettled.

Connor is bisexual but leans heavily toward men. Connor is engaged to a woman at the beginning of the story, but thankfully that doesn't last long. I'm still unclear as to the nature of Connor and Keira's relationship, but I was glad to see her go.

Ric and Connor spend a spontaneous, passionate night together, at which point Ric flees the scene; predictable, yes, but not improbable.

Considering that this is a novella, Ric's internal struggles are realistically portrayed. I wanted to know more about Connor; he wasn't as well-rounded a character as Ric.

I liked these MCs together. Ric's "deflowering" was all kinds of hot. Big thumbs up for steamy showers and butt-sex virgins!

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