Sunday, June 7, 2015

ARC Review: Save Yourself by John Goode

Save Yourself (Tales From Foster High)Blurb:

Matt Wallace returns to Foster to be with his high school crush, Tyler. They're finally together, but Tyler's past is still a mystery to Matt.

When the truth comes out, Matt is forced to decide if he can handle learning about what Tyler did, or if he'd be better off to cut ties and run.  

Todd's rating:


A few days ago, I read book 7 of Tales of Foster High, "A Way Back to Then," which was very enlightening with more information on the history between Robbie, Riley and Tyler.

This free, short, 33 page story is along the same lines, except in this one Matt learns the truth, the *full* truth, about what happened the night that Riley died in the hit and run accident.

Tyler has preemptively broken up with Matt after a run-in with Riley's mother, Dolores, on Matt and Tyler's third date, which leaves Matt reeling.

But Matt is not the type of person to let others make life-changing decisions on his behalf, so he confronts Tyler and lets him know that he will discover the truth surrounding the accident and, only then, make up his own mind about their relationship.

During Matt's journey to enlightenment, he speaks to various people, experiencing more success with some than others, but he finds out what he needs to know, then confronts Tyler again.

Although the story wasn't a long one, it was an enjoyable read and, once again, filled in more details behind the curtain of secrets that is Foster, Texas.

I also loved the cover design, as you can't exactly tell whether the heart is exploding outward or if the pieces are slowly shifting back into place. Very appropriate for this read.

I highly recommend this short story for any fans of the Foster High books and I'm extremely excited to read book 8 of the series, "When I Grow Up," as all of the main characters descend on Foster once again.

4 very solid *don't-make-me-slap-you-again* stars this time out.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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