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ARC Review: Masked Booby (Peckers 3) by Jacques N. Hoff

He goes by many names, calls many different countries home, and has a wardrobe that rivals most professional theater companies, but some days it’s impossible to remember who he really is. It’s the price he pays for the adrenaline. The Masked Booby. A man torn between his instinct to survive and his bird nature of taking a dive.

Irwin Stephens is in love—in love with life, his home, and the animals he watches over every day at work. He doesn’t have a man to call his own, but everything else is so perfect he can’t complain. Except maybe about the scratchy khaki uniform all zoos seem to require with fiendish glee.

When Mickey meets Buff Zookeeper, it should be a one-night love nest, but something besides peckers is up in the land down under.

Dani's rating:

I've waited ages for this book to come out. I really enjoyed the other two books in the Peckers series, but this one was a bit of a letdown.

I still found this story to be accessible, cute, and flufftastic, but the connection between the MCs was MIA.

The plot focuses on the rescue of Atticus, a shifter puffin, from an Australian zoo, yet Atticus is sedated and thus absent from the story. Atty's friend, Irwin, a zoo keeper, calls UC Peckers to help him rescue Atticus from a dire situation. (If you can find a less sexy name for an MC than Irwin, I'd like to hear it.)

One of the Peckers who comes to the rescue is the mysterious Mickey, a masked booby shifter. Mickey is a total tool, used to putting on airs so he doesn't let his mask slip (mask—get it?). Inside, though, Mickey is vulnerable and feels terrible guilt over something ... he did as a baby?

Nah, he's really just a douche.

Mickey's total personality shift really threw me in this story. His admitting to Irwin being his mate came completely out of left field. The two men didn't interact enough to justify this change of heart, which felt like an unearned case of enemies to lovers.

The first two books were lightly steamy and funny, but this book had almost no steam (a perfunctory one-page sex scene at 60 percent). It also wasn't particularly funny.

My favorite part was the lovey-dovey stuff between Sebastian (the avian vet) and Louis (the cockatoo), the MCs from book 2.

I am still going to read the fourth book in the series (hopefully Atty's story), but this one fell flat.

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