Sunday, May 24, 2015

Book Review: Northbound (The North Novels 1) by Cara Lee

Quinn Sawyer didn't apply for a temporary job at the remote O'Connor Adventure Retreat all the way in Alaska because he wants a change of scenery. He loves his sunny Florida, and he's only heading north because he needs answers from Declan O'Connor, the man who dated Quinn's aunt six years ago.

One day, Declan was just gone, and it had been the beginning of hell for Quinn. Most of his family suddenly hated him and still blames him for Declan ending the relationship with Quinn's aunt, though nobody will tell Quinn why.

He deserves to know how it could've possibly been his fault, and he's not going to let the crush he harbored for Declan stand in the way.

After finally tracking down Declan, Quinn gets on a plane. Or death machine, as he prefers to call it. But in his quest to find out the truth, he discovers there's a lot more to the Land of the Midnight Sun than seeking answers.

Dani's rating:

I don't know how I missed this book when it first came out, because I love Cara Dee's stories, be they angsty or sweet.

This one's firmly in the latter category.

Declan and Quinn have great chemistry. Declan isn't quite as kinky as he claims, but the sex still burns hot and bright.

I liked that the age gap of 15 years wasn't an issue and that the men were able to talk through their past and future.

This book is pretty much angst free, and the HEA is blinding.


I can't wait for Kyle and Logan's story, coming soon!

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  1. Angela:
    This looks very good, thanks for the review After typing this comment i will go to Amazon and buy it LOL

  2. Angela, and the second book is out now too!


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