Sunday, May 24, 2015

ARC Review: My Life Without Garlic by Bailey Bradford

My Life Without Garlic (The Vamp for Me #1)

Some things in life just might be worth giving up garlic for.

It was simple curiosity that led Augustin to the vampire dating site—he thought it must be a joke started up by a bunch of weirdos. Man, was he right—but it just so happens that those weirdos really are vampires, and when one shows up at his place, Augustin’s world is turned upside down.

First he’s got a psychotic vampire to deal with. Then he’s got one who is much more fun hanging around.

Except now that Augustin knows that vampires exist, he can’t be left alive. Or can he? When an alternative is offered up, Augustin doesn’t care for it, either. After all, he doesn’t want to be whisked off to some disgusting vampire den.

Tony’s the vampire next in line to lead the coven. He wants to be a fair man, and that means arguing against killing Augustin. If he’s also attracted to the sarcastic, adorable man, where’s the harm in that?

The attraction between Augustin and Tony is undeniable, but deny it is what they both try to do. Someone is going to have to bend or break.

Sandra's rating:

This book was tracking toward 4 stars until the abrupt ending. Excuse me, but where's the rest? Where's the part where we see Tony and Augustin cement the bond? Don't give me a vampire novel without biting. I was waiting for that, especially since we know from the prologue that Augustin and Tony did create that bond.

I liked this quite a bit (until the ending), with Augustin's snark and sarcasm taking front and center, and Tony's vampy friends bringing up the rear.

A fun read, definitely, and some sexy times as well. Loved the writing, loved the well-developed characters. Didn't quite buy the rapid romance blossoming that quickly. I really liked that the author created a character who knew his shortcomings, but didn't let those define him, and wouldn't take crap from anyone, not even a vampire. That was fun. The mythology was not completely new, with vampire being fast, able to float, and turning into bats, but the author used the traditional vamp traits and integrated them into the fun parts of this book.

Abysmally disappointed that the book ended so abruptly. I would have liked a bit more.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return.

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