Monday, May 11, 2015

ARC Review: Coming Clean by Silvia Violet

An unexpected inheritance lands Jeremy a large house and plenty of money to take a sabbatical from his job teaching poetry at a small college. He intends to sell the house and take off on a new path to discover what he wants out of life. Then he meets Connor. The attraction he feels to a man so different from himself is no less shocking than his change in financial circumstances, but Connor is in the closet and Jeremy wants a life lived out in the sun.

Connor is a former Force Recon Marine who runs a housecleaning business. When he’s hired to get Jeremy’s house market-ready, he’s startled by how attracted he is to his client despite their many differences. But his past, especially his final mission, weighs heavily on him. He’s not certain he can be the man Jeremy needs, but no man has ever made him want to take a risk like Jeremy does.

Dani's rating:

This is a cute, fairly sexy but ultimately trite story about Jeremy, a nerdy lit professor who inherits a house and money from his estranged aunt and uncle, and Connor, a Marine now running his own successful house cleaning business.

Jeremy and Connor are opposites. Jeremy, openly gay and comfortable with his identity, is "book smart," kind, and shy. Connor is standoffish, controlling, and deeply in the closet.

There is nothing new or original about Coming Clean. The MCs are wooden and the dialogue artificial.

Too many BIG themes are included but not developed. For example, Connor's PTSD feels like an aside. Likewise, Connor's friend Sabrina has a secret that comes out of left field.

Connor, who's portrayed as an angry, immature nozzle, wants to please his homophobic Marine buddy, Mario (Sabrina's brother). Mario is supposed to be this great, loyal guy, except for the part where he's a judgmental, ignorant, homophobic douche.

Both Sabrina and David, Jeremy's best friend, meddle in Connor and Jeremy's life. They are too present, and their constant harping and involvement isn't believable. These are people in their mid- to late-20s, not high school kids.

Bottom line: Easy read with a some steamy scenes, but ultimately trite and uninspired.

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