Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Review: Rise: A Gay Fairy Tale by Keira Andrews and Leta Blake

What happens when Jack meets a sexy man atop that beanstalk?

Rumors of treasure have long sent fortune hunters clambering up a magic beanstalk to a mysterious castle in the clouds. Survivors told of an evil giant who guards the gold and glittering jewels with savage strength. No sane man would dare risk the climb—but Jack has nothing left to lose. Shunned for his evil red hair and abandoned by his cruel lover, he’s desperate to escape his life.

Rion isn’t a giant, only a man bearing the burden of protecting his family’s legacy. It’s a lonely existence, but he’s duty bound. Then Jack appears, and Rion’s world is turned upside down. After a blazing confrontation, undeniable lust sparks. Isolated in the clouds, Jack and Rion give in to their desire and growing connection. But do they have the courage to let go of the past and follow their dreams?

Soon they must protect the treasure—and each other—from a new threat. And they have everything to lose.

This is a retold fairy tale with a twist. Previously published as Ascending Hearts; this version has been revised and expanded.

Dani's rating:

This is the kind of fairy tale your parents told you when you were a child, the kind with ogres, villains, and heroes; the kind where the hero finds True Love; and maybe there's even a kiss.

So, yes, this is that kind of fairy tale. But with sex. LOTS of dirty, grunting, sweaty sex between Jack of the flaming red hair and Rion the not-so-giant "giant" who has to protect his castle from Outsiders below.

This is very much a twist on Jack and the Beanstock, a story I don't particularly like. But Andrews and Blake's version?

Oh, YES, this one I like VERY MUCH.

This is an enemies-to-lovers story that's juicy, sweet, and suspenseful.

There's an edge of mystery and a beautiful romance between two men, each trapped in his own loneliness and misery: Jack because he's shunned by the town, including his family, for having the "hair of the devil" and Rion, who allows a hollow promise to rule his future.

I cried at 11 percent when Jack lost his best friend, but the rest is just a climb to happiness (with obstacles to overcome, of course; it wouldn't be a fairy tale otherwise, now, would it?).

I love fantasy, tales of other lands. I love romance and HEAs. And I love plentiful, smexy action between two men who adore each other. This book has it all!

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