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Book Review: Diary of a Teenage Taxidermist by K.A. Merikan

Diary of a Teenage TaxidermistBlurb:

Ethan is a levelheaded, some might say ‘antisocial’, young artist-entrepreneur with a love for quirky taxidermy. He is close to graduating high school and at a crossroads. All he wants is to develop his business further, yet all his parents want is for him to go to law school. That is more than enough problems for Ethan, so any kind of love life is off his agenda. That is until Robert Hunter, the quarterback of the football team, comes crashing into him. Literally.

Robert drifts along in high school. He has good grades, he’s getting ready for med school, he’s even leaving potentially problematic dating until college. He’s gay, not ashamed of it, but he doesn’t want to stir up any trouble. His carefully laid plans might just go completely off the rails though, when he drinks too much at a party and causes irreversible damage to Ethan, the school’s weirdo.

Robert has to face the fact that maybe he isn’t the good guy he always considered himself to be. And maybe he doesn’t want to go to med school. And maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t actually want to wait with dating until college.

Todd’s rating:

Okay, I'll confess. I would have *never* read this book without first receiving recommendations from a few friends. Why?

1.) Sorry, but taxidermy is NOT SEXY. It's slicing the skin off of a dead animal, (mostly rats in this book, so even more ick factor) then sewing that skin onto a plastic form. Weird and creepy as crap, if you ask me.

2.) Other reviews told me that a main plot line of the book is that MC#1, Ethan, falls face-first on a big, sharp, pointy stick, which goes straight through his eyeball, causing him to lose the eye entirely. Ewww, right??? Again with the "NOT SEXY" bits.

But I still decided to (squeamishly) proceed and I'm pretty glad that I did.

What I really liked about this story was the level of devotion that Rob showed toward Ethan. Rob was a bit of a gang mentality jock as the story began, but knowing and getting to care for Ethan gave him courage to go all superhero and stand up for both his beloved Ethan and for who he really was, but had been hiding from everyone else.

My feelings for Ethan tended to run hot and cold, as he'd be mature and focused one moment, with a love for Rob that bordered on hero worship, then a moment later, Ethan would act like a petulant boy-child, which got a bit frustrating.

But my love for Rob kept pulling me back into the story over and over again, so the book kept me both interested and entertained.

This wasn't a perfect read for me, especially once the sex graduated to full on penetration, when some of the "erotic talk", using the term very loosely, that popped out of these boys' mouths really made me want a good, stiff drink. (Pun only partially intended.)

The sexy talk wasn't the dreaded purple prose, but there was definitely an extremely thick vein of ooey, gooey Velveeta running through their words.

But that was only a minor distraction, accompanied by frequent eye rolls, so I got back to my Rob-lovin' without much delay and continued on to more enjoyable chapters.

Plus, they were all flip-floppy in bed, which is all kinds of crazy hot FTW.

This oddly-entertaining read ended fairly abruptly, with as much of an HEA as you can get from two enamored 18 year old boys, so I would have preferred a nice epilogue tacked onto the end, but I had fun with the book, so I'd still recommend it.

3.75 *dual-virgin-weasel-deflowering* stars for this twisted little tale.

This was my copy of the book and was not provided by the publisher.
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