Monday, April 27, 2015

Behavior Problem (Outlaw MC 3) by James Cox

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

Deviant doesn’t do friendly. He’s had a hard life and it shows in his behavior. The Outlaw MC of Mars is starting to expand thanks to some tough women who want to change the law. In the government’s eyes, women are only needed for breeding. Deviant is volunteered to train them. What he doesn’t expect is to meet Tage. The handsome man blushes more than a hard spanked butt. And what a fine pair of cheeks he has. Deviant made a promise to himself. Never fall in love. That makes a man vulnerable to hurt, to loss, to become broken. So why does he feel this undeniable attraction to Tage?

Deviant doesn’t do romance or cuddling or any of that other shit. With a covert war against the government going on, the last thing he needs is a weakness.

Will the shy Tage bring the big badass biker to his knees?

Alex has no idea what's coming at him.

Dani's rating:

Let's feast on the cover for a minute, shall we? *moment of silence*

I'm totes digging those tats.

Now for the all important question: WHY, James, WHY? Why would you do that to Lover and Outlaw?

You see, something BAD happens at the beginning of this story to one of the MCs from Underneath His Armor. I was sure Behavior Problem would focus on setting right the wrong, but it didn't.

It left me hanging! *stomps feet*

I had a hard time focusing on Deviant and Tage's story because I was so distracted by the tragedy.

I dug Deviant, though. What's not to like? He's a brash, loud motherfucker who kills on the hover bike and fights against injustice.

Also, he has a huge cock.

Deviant and Tage have seemingly nothing in common, but Deviant finds himself wanting to possess the proper, suited Tage (who also fights injustice but in a much more, um, subtle way).

This is Insta Love at its finest, folks. I can forgive that though, because, hell, this series is set on Mars during a post-apocalyptic, bleak future.

If you find someone who makes your heart beat faster (and your cock throb harder!), you jump NOW and ask question much later.

The sex is hot, the story fast paced. I liked the new female characters. But I want a continuation of Lover and Outlaw's story. And it's not beneath me to beg.

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