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ARC Review: Early to Rise by V.L. Locey

Early to Rise (Toms & Tabbies Tales #1)
From the blurb:
There are few things worse than being left at the altar by the man you thought loved you. Just ask Simon Wilder. He knows all about it. He also knows a thing or two about getting fired. It`s been a rotten week for Simon and making major life decisions during such turmoil may not be the wisest thing Simon has ever done. Or is it?

Packing up his clothes, his collection of Tony Orlando CD`s, and his cat, Sambuca, Simon leaves the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia behind and heads out to live on his uncle Tiberius` farm in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Starting over on the farm where he vacationed once as a child is a going to be just what the doctor ordered, as long as that doctor is the good-looking large animal veterinarian, Gentry Martin. Is a sexy country vet the cure for a love-sick city boy?

Heather's rating:

I sort of want to give this book bonus points for trying SO hard! It really, really wanted to be funny, but the humor mostly missed the mark for me. And the romance? Just didn't connect for me either. However, despite my issues, there was something somewhat charming about this one.

Early to Rise was a kooky attempt at a romantic comedy, with Simon hightailing it out of the city and into the country to try living with his uncle. It was part fish out of water, part comedy of errors, and sometimes the outrageousness of it all made me smile. However, moments like Simon constantly talking to his pig and the pig's responses made me cringe; just not my kind of humor.

I think you might like this if you like stories with animals (there is a vet's office involved, nothing sick, people!), and are in the mood for something light and fun. While it wasn't bad, the lack of any believable romance (there is a love interest but there was zero chemistry between them... zero) made it a mediocre read for me.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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