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Book Review: Keep Swimming (Keep Swimming #1) by Kade Boehme

Keep Swimming (Keep Swimming, #1)Blurb:
After his partner dumped him with a pregnant surrogate four years ago, Cary Whitmore was forced to play single parent while starting up a new business. With the dog bakery now semi-successful and his son healthy, Cary thinks he may be ready to date again.
Heath Cummings is trying his damnedest to get his charter boat service off the ground and dreams of one day soon being able to quit his job as an offshore driller. Paying off his dream requires making it through a couple more years, which means being open about his sexuality isn't in the cards just yet.
When the two take their flirting to the next level, Cary wonders if he can handle another guy who might take off, while Heath has to decide if he can risk his dream of a laid back life—and giving up his long-held and much enjoyed bachelor status while taking on a child when being a father was never on his to-do list. Will they sink, or will they keep swimming?

Todd’s rating:

I found this story ridiculously cute and entertaining.

At 24, Cary was dumped by his boyfriend of 4 years, because the insecure asshole was jealous that their surrogate wasn't 6 months pregnant with *his* own little swimmers. After agreeing to it.

But years later, the once-burned Cary has moved on and has a truly amazing 3 year old son, Gus, to show for it. I loved how Gus was written in this story. A quiet, little joy who loved to get filthy and spend time with his daddy. Death by cute, people, seriously.

Heath is a tall, blond, bisexual, 32 year old oil driller with zero desire for a relationship. And a kid? Which way to the nearest exit? "Uhh, why is there a 'Heath-shaped' hole in the back wall?" Yeah, *that*.

Cary and Heath first meet at their mutual friend's no-kill animal shelter, where Cary witnesses Heath's veritable "girl of the month club", so Heath must be straight, right?

Enter Kyle. God, it was LOVE at first sight with me and Kyle. Irreverent, smartass of a man-child that he is. *MWAH* Full-on smack on the lips for Kyle, because there's awesome and then there's Kyle. Sorry, had to put that out there.

Purely by chance, Cary runs into Kyle at a local gay sports bar (who knew they existed, right???) and within about 3 minutes, Kyle ever so eloquently busts Heath right out of the closet that Cary had mentally hot boxed him into.

Gentlemen to your starting blocks and let the eye-fucking begin!

Sparks fly and Cary and Heath begin knocking boots, with the up-front understanding that there were no strings attached. Or that there ever would be.

But they get to really know one another and develop a deep bond, which comes to a head when Heath takes Cary and Gus out on his yacht. And Heath *never* takes hookups or, God forbid, their kids out for a day on his boat.
Cary glanced toward them to see Gus had fallen asleep in Heath’s lap. Heath was humming something quietly to himself, or maybe to Gus. Cary felt a knot form in his throat and offered to take Gus from Heath.

He’s fine,” Heath said peacefully. Cary just nodded and stared at them until they were back in the dock in Pensacola Beach. “Okay, now you can take him,” Heath said. “I have to go handle the mooring, check things out.” He thought he heard a catch in the man’s voice.
And when they get scared and both men run for the hills, it's Kyle to the rescue, again.
So, now you’re done with him, do you mind if I hit that?

What?” Heath asked, drily.

I mean, we’ve shared before, right? Hell, you’ve fucked me. He’s hot.” He cut his eyes toward Heath, boyish mischief flashing in their green depths. “I’ve always thought I’d make a good step-daddy.

Heath sat up, quickly, pointing a finger in Kyle’s face. “Back. Off. Y’hear me?

Touchy, touchy.” Kyle brushed imaginary lint from the shoulder of his sleeveless shirt. “One might say you were…” He leveled Heath with his gaze. “Jealous.

Heath’s mouth opened, closed, opened, closed.

You’re jealous!” Kyle said, pointing with both fingers. He jumped to standing and did his annoying I-told-you-so victory dance.

Oh, shit. Was Kyle right? There had been a blind fury that swept through him when Kyle said he’d wanted to hook up with Cary. It had gotten even worse when he said he’d try to be a part of Gus’s life.
Yep, like I said, Kyle really is pretty damn awesome.

The rest of the story is dancing around feelings and the boys convincing themselves more than one another that they both could and *should* be together.
"I want more than that. I want Cary. And Gus. I want to matter to them.” Holy shit. When had that happened? When had he not realized they were important to him and he wanted to be just as important to them. When had he been blindsided by those two?

He knew, though. It’d been that first trip on the boat. He remembered the fleeting thought that he would sell all his worldly possessions if it meant a lifetime of days like that one day. He hadn’t been looking for it, didn’t need to be fixed or changed, didn’t require a family or love to survive. But now he’d had it and he wanted to keep it. He fucking wanted it and he wanted it with Cary and Gus Whitmore.
It's a really fun ride watching Cary and Heath reach their happily ever after.
"Isn’t this where we realize we almost sank, but we gotta keep swimming?
The story was a real treat and I highly recommend it.

This was my own copy of the book and not provided by the publisher.
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