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Audiobook ARC Review: Newton's Laws of Attraction by M.J. O'Shea

Newton's Laws of Attraction (Newton's Laws of Attraction, #1)From the blurb:

Rory was Ben's oldest and best friend until senior year of high school, when they confessed they'd harbored feelings for each other all along. They enjoyed only a few months of happiness until Ben chose closeted popularity over true love... and he's regretted it ever since. 
Eight years later, Ben is out and proud and teaching art at the same high school he graduated from. When he learns the chemistry teacher is retiring, he's excited to meet her replacement until he finds out the brand new teacher is none other than Rory Newton - the first love he's never quite gotten over. Despite a painfully awkward start, it doesn't take Ben long to realize he'll do whatever it takes to win Rory back. But it's starting to look like even his best might not be enough.

Heather's rating:

SO typically M.J. O'Shea, and a really cute best friends-to-lovers story... but there was a painful lack of communication there that KILLED me!

I want to talk about the narration a bit because I went back and forth about how I felt about the audiobook narrator, George Somerset. I think in the end I settled on "strongly like," and he helped me bump this up to 3.5 stars. I appreciated the emotion in his voice, and he sounded pretty age-apporpriate, though his voice for Rory was uber-gravelly and his regular speaking voice was a little... soft-sounding for what I imagined for Ben. However, I always like when I feel like a narrator is in it. Like, fully committed. I'll give it to George Somerset, he really gave it his all. I think I'd listen to more stuff from him in the future.

In terms of the book itself, I think the strongest part was Ben's little group of friends. I loved Fen (I DIED when I saw he has his own book in the series! I knew you were a little toooo interested in the gay clubs, Fen!) and their little teacher clique. Sure, it didn't actually feel like they were teachers, but they were so darn CUTE that I sort of forgave this book its mistakes.

The whole moving from not speaking to sort of friends, to friends, to friends-with-benefits, and so forth was pretty predictable, as was a lot of the drama that came later. Still, I couldn't help but fall in love with this story a little. It was an easy and adorable listen, and I think most M.J. fans will enjoy this one.

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