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ARC Review: William by Claire Cray

William (Merrick #2)
From the blurb:
In the summer of 1799, young William Lacy watched his carefree life go up in smoke when a night of mischief landed him in shackles. Beaten, jailed, and sentenced to a long apprenticeship in the dreary woods of upstate New York, William was braced for the worst.

But he wasn’t prepared to fall in love with his master, a renowned and reclusive apothecary — a man — by the name of Silas Merrick. And he damn well never expected Merrick to be a blasted vampire.

Now, nearly one year after that summer of mystery, longing and unspeakable pleasure, William is still waiting to begin the future with Merrick he was promised. But it’s not easy becoming a vampire. Not only has Merrick become more secretive than ever about his nature and his past, but his feud with the beautiful and ruthless vampire Theo raises ever more troubling questions about the dark world William is about to enter.

William is determined to unravel the mysteries and find his happily ever after. But to do it, he must resolve Merrick’s doubts for himself. Can there be love and joy in this life of death and darkness? And will Merrick ever learn to open his heart?

Set in New York and Boston several months after the events of Claire Cray’s bestseller Merrick, William is another haunting, sensual story of love and desire in the shadows…and the adaptability of the human spirit.

Heather's rating:

Very enjoyable vampire historical that could have been FABULOUS if the author had used an editor.

A long time has passed since I read Merrick, the first book in this series. In fact, "Merrick" was my first M/M paranormal (WOAH). I was worried that my love of "Merrick" was largely due to inexperience, and that now that I've read hundreds upon hundreds of M/Ms (and M/M paranormals) my opinion of this author would be diminished.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I worried for nothing: This author is TALENTED.

"William" is effortlessly atmospheric and lovely. I was instantly transported to the time period, and I felt in tune with the story. This book was the first story in weeks that made me want to READ. I didn't want to put it down. I also was surprised at how easily I recalled the characters and plot from the previous story. I picked it up right where I left off, and I got right back in the groove.

I also think that the author did a fabulous job with the vampire aspect. It felt fresh, which is very difficult in this genre, and it made sense (!), which I really appreciated.

But, alas, this book isn't without it's flaws. There are countless grammatical and formatting errors, which really detracted from the story. I think this author needs to hire a professional editor and cover artist to elevate her to the next level. It reminds me of Anyta Sunday, whose career really took off once she got serious about cover design and editing.

If you put your blinders on to the mistakes, this book is exceedingly enjoyable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any lover of elegant historicals or paranormals.

**Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**
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