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ARC Review: Splat! by Alana Ankh

When a small creature has an unfortunate run-in with his car, Deacon Hearst wonders what in the world hit his windshield. A bird? A butterfly? No, that would make Deacon’s crazy life too simple. It is a fairy—or rather a Sidhe—with a gaze the color of the moon and thus eloquently named Mooneyes. The little creature's wing is broken, and it's shivering in the rain, and well... Deacon has a heart, after all.

While nursing Moon back to health, Deacon discovers Moon’s beauty is more than skin deep. Though they’re very different, especially in size, they’re alike in their loneliness, their need for affection. Despite the weirdness of the situation, Deacon finds himself falling for his not-quite victim.

Deacon thinks it's a hopeless—gah!—love, but what if it isn't? Moon might just have a few secrets of his own, secrets that could change everything in an instant and weave a different path for them both.
 Todd's rating:

Books about the Fae aren't typically my speed, but this one was cute and darkly-fluffy. (I guess that's actually 'a thing' now, who knew?)
Deacon is a single, gay, workaholic ad man, who lives out in the wooded suburbs, mostly to escape his insane, overbearing family.

Deacon has a family who is extremely fluent in denial, the likes of which I have never experienced before. Seriously, it's like Deacon could tell them the sky was blue, but they didn't like blue skies, so a blue sky was both unimaginable and unthinkable. You catch my drift.

If Deacon says, " I'm gay ," they only ever hear, " I'd love to meet a nice girl, so let's make that happen ASAP, m'kay? "

So Deacon is single and buries himself in his work to avoid feeling lonely, until he's speeding down the road late one night and (unwittingly) catches the love of his life.

On his windshield.

Under his wiper blade.

  Yep, there's the book title.  : )

Mooneyes, aka 'Moon' due to his silver eyes, is a fairy with parental problems of his own. All Fae are born with a magical gift and since his manifested, Moon has been nothing more than a bartering chip to his determined, controlling parents.

Moon's parent's, however, do actually get that he's gay. Their problem is that they simply don't care, as respecting that fact would stop them from making Moon marry the chieftain’s daughter to increase their familial status. So yeah, gay? Nope, not havin' it.

So when Moon runs away from their mound in the fairy realm to escape the arranged marriage, he nearly ends up as road kill on Deacon's windshield.

Moon has heard terrible stories about how humans squashed fairies all of his life, so he's initially terrified of Deacon. But a fairy with a broken wing, caught in a torrential downpour could easily drown, so they can't really be overly picky as to whom their rescuer might be.

And as Moon sees Deacon's calm and kind demeanor as he desperately tries to help Moon keep his broken wing from falling off, stripping him of all his magic, Moon's feelings for Deacon grow. And so do Deacon's feelings for Moon.

The End. : )

Well, no, not seriously.

Moon eventually reveals the first of his two huge secrets, which makes the possibility of an actual relationship with Deacon a reality.

Then there is a LOT of drama involving both men's families. But in the end, we do get our happily forever (?) after.

I really liked both the character and relationship development in the story, but it is only a novella, so you need to keep that in mind. Both men were completely adorable and the only flaws that I could honestly find, other than being a bit low in the self-confidence department, were their truly heinous families.

These two men were literally made for one another. Human, Fae, whatever, get the hell over it already. And they did eventually get there.

As I originally mentioned, this was a darkly-fluffy read for me. The boys were all sweetness and fairy fluff, while the parents and their continuous shenanigans were the persistent dark clouds raining on everyone's freaking parade.

It was a cute story about overcoming what disapproving arseholes might throw at you and searching for, then holding tight to the other half of your soul.

3 1/4 *honey-dipped-fruit* stars for this light, entertaining read.

My copy of this book was provided by the publisher for a fair, unbiased review.

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