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ARC Review: My Dumb Jock (Dumb Jock #6) by Jeff Erno

My Dumb Jock (Dumb Jock, #6)Blurb:
 The final book in the Dumb Jock series brings us back to Jeff and Brett thirty-plus years after their “happily ever after.” Jeff, now a university professor, and Brett, CEO of a sporting equipment company, prepare to celebrate Brett’s fiftieth birthday. Suddenly, a devastating emergency derails all plans. Fear and unknown questions force the couple to look back on a lifetime of struggles as an openly gay couple just starting out in the 1980s. My Dumb Jock chronicles their life together, beginning after the sports banquet at the conclusion of book one, continuing through their college years, engagement, wedding, and the birth of their children. Together they shoulder homophobia and rejection and build their own family in the face of many crippling losses and temptations. This final book of the series brings together an entire cast of characters from five books, all connected by one remarkable couple. A couple not quite ready to say good-bye.

Todd’s rating:

I've loved the Dumb Jock series by Jeff Erno since I read the first book back in 2012, so I was thrilled when I saw that a wrap-up book had been written.

This "jock and nerd fall in love" series is one of the best I've read and has always held a special place in my heart, so reading this final book was a lot like getting the Extended Edition Director's Cut of "Lord of the Rings" for me.

We get the equivalent of the Deleted Scenes, which provide us with a LOT of additional information as to what went into ultimately building Jeff and Brett's large extended family that make up the very full lives of the MC's from the first book. And it truly is a family.

I especially loved the introduction of Jeff's nephew, Randy, who was the happy accident that ultimately ended up showing Jeff and Brett how much they wanted children of their own, then we found out just how their biological children, Adam and Lisa, came into being.

We also were privy to previously-uncharted waters that Jeff and Brett sailed through, such as overcoming tempting advances from others, which could have derailed their relationship when Brett left for college and Jeff had to remain in their hometown to finish up high school.

We also witnessed the loss of a few of the supporting characters, due to illness, old age and, finally, AIDS, not to mention a near-fatal heart attack experienced by one of the main characters himself.

I would not recommend the book to anyone who hasn't read the other books in the series, as they'd be completely lost without the previous character setups.

But for avid readers of the series, I can't imagine *not* reading this final book in the series, so I highly recommend it for those readers.

And for those readers who loath their happily ever after’s being upended, I'm glad to say that the series concludes with Jeff and Brett's HEA firmly intact.

4 solid *very-happy-and-very-sad-series-concluding* stars for this read.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.
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  1. ALready pre ordered and looking forward to reading Some of my favorite characters


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