Monday, March 9, 2015

ARC Review: He's Just Knot That Into You by Nico Jaye


When Tanner moves to Chicago for a new job, he experiences his First Shift, a revelation that signifies he’s met his mate since the last full moon. The only problem? He doesn't know who it is. To find his mate, he enlists his new assistant Jon to arrange a series of dates, but each one turns out more disastrous than the last.

With the next full moon quickly approaching, Tanner finally determines the identity of his true mate. Unfortunately, Jon has since disappeared, and Tanner must now begin a new search. Is it really Jon’s family crisis pulling him away, or is Jon just not that into him?

Dani's rating:


You know how some books just sucks you in? This is one of those books. It's fresh, cute, and readable, and I was pretty much hooked from page 1.

This is not a serious shifter book. Nico Jaye builds some alternate shifter mythology into the story, but the world building is fairly minimal. Essentially, it's our contemporary world, but humans and werewolves live side by side in peace, although the weres certainly don't advertise their culture or traditions.

Tanner is a 30-year-old werewolf who has yet to find a mate and undergo his First Shift. When he comes to work as a consultant at a publishing house in Chicago, he senses his mate and goes about trying to find him, with rather hilarious results.

It's immediately obvious to the reader who Tanner's mate is. It's just not obvious to Tanner.

When Tanner's quirky assistant Jon disappears for a family emergency, Tanner knows he has to find him.

I liked the sweetness of the story and the whole idea of finding a bonded mate (it's why I read shifter stories in the first place). This was steamy enough, although not quite as explosive as I expected following the first solo masturbation scene. Tanner gets bonus points for some serious wolfy creativity!

I'm not sure the plot point regarding Jon's mom was necessary. This is such a low-key story that the action at the end felt, to me at least, like it didn't quite belong.

Even so, I greatly enjoyed this book; it was a light, easy read!

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