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ARC Review: He's Just Knot That Into You by Nico Jaye

He's Just Knot That Into YouBlurb:
When Tanner moves to Chicago for a new job, he experiences his First Shift, a revelation that signifies he’s met his mate since the last full moon. The only problem? He doesn't know who it is. To find his mate, he enlists his new assistant Jon to arrange a series of dates, but each one turns out more disastrous than the last.

With the next full moon quickly approaching, Tanner finally determines the identity of his true mate. Unfortunately, Jon has since disappeared, and Tanner must now begin a new search. Is it really Jon’s family crisis pulling him away, or is Jon just not that into him?
Todd’s rating:

 For some completely bizarre reason, this light, enjoyable novella reminded me a bit of a Cinderfella re-write of a chick flick about searching the kingdom (or in this case, your new workplace) for your soul mate (or again in this case, your were-Alpha Mate). Yes, I know I'm weird and you wouldn't be the first to think that, but I digress.

In this tale, the handsome prince is played by Tanner, a successful 30 year old publisher and temporary transplant from LA to Chicago. And, oh yeah, he's also is a latent werewolf, by which I mean that he was born a werewolf, but he isn't truly an actual werewolf just quite yet.

In this tale, where a lot of creative license was used in the field of traditional werewolf lore, one doesn't become an actual wolf until after you knot with your true mate. Think something along the lines of "true love's first kiss" from Shrek. "Fuck me, 'O-face', *POOF*, woof woof."

So upon Tanner's arrival at the small Chicago publishing house, his 'Spidey Senses' immediately fire off like bottle rockets and he just *knows* that his true mate is in the house. And he couldn't be more overjoyed, because at 30 and unmated, he's fast approaching werewolf Old Maid status.

His only teeny problem though is that, while he knows that Cinderfella is close, he has zero clue as to who said man (or woman) of his dreams actually is. So, like Santa Claus, he makes a list and checks it twice (times about a hundred) of unmarried, unattached co-workers, both male and female, with whom he works. (As, evidently, gay or straight doesn't really come into play regarding whom 'The Mother' chooses to be your mate.)

Tanner then begins working his way through the list by going on "dates" with each listee. But since he's effectively one of the bosses and would prefer not to attend a big ole' come to Jesus meeting with Human Resources, he calls them outside-of-work "appointments" with his unsuspecting co-workers / perspective mates.

But date after date, each appointment turns out more like an episode of that truly heinous Jerry Springer game show 'Baggage' (think "I'm a militant vegan who loves tube steak") than actually succeeding in finding the recipient of his particular glass slipper. Yes, I'm going for high bizarre reference count here, people, so work with me. : )

And exactly like your keys when you're already late for work, Tanner's beau is in the last place he looks. Or for Tanner, directly outside his office door in the form of his mind-bogglingly adorable bespectacled, strawberry blond, Snickers-addicted assistant, Jon.

Tanner is literally over the moon (sorry, were-pun intended); however, hours later Jon has fled the state and is somewhere around 1,000% incommunicado. For days. And Tanner is going out of his everlogin' mind, so he must track Jon down before the next full moon, when his biological were-clock stops ticking. FOR-EV-ER. "Game over, man! Game over!!!"

The book is super crazy fluffy, so of course both MC's are utterly adorable and, other than a serious bit of cluelessness on Tanner's part, nearly without flaw, which is nice when a lot of reads are full on walking and talking Angst-O-Matic infomercials. "It slices, it dices, it'll leave your heart in shreds. Call now!"

Then the story takes us over the hills and through the woods, to Jon's parent's house we go, (Wow, I worked in an actual Little Red Riding Hood wolf reference, go me!) as Tanner pursues, then woos his true mate into a very-willing submission.

Then there's some really off-kilter stuff about warlocks, curses, sick mothers and a DemonWolf. I can only chalk that stuff up to Niko Jaye's drugs being *waaaaay* better than mine. But whatevs, go Ms. Jaye!

I must admit that those odd bits seemed a tad out of place with the storyline as written up to that point and felt kind of felt like trying to add that 37th piece of flair to your vest, ala "Office Space", so I could have really done without such a departure from the original direction and venturing toward The Land of the Lost.

In the end, the boys get their big, hairy, throbbing and *knotted* HEA, so all is once again right in the were-world. Aaaaaand scene.

The short book was pretty decent, but not earth-shattering, so if you're in the mood for a bit-o-fluff, this book might be a good candidate.

My ARC copy of this book was provided by the publisher for a fair, unbiased review.

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