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Book Review: Sidelined (Southern Scrimmage # 2) by Mercy Celeste

Sidelined (Southern Scrimmage #2)Blurb:
My, how the mighty falls.
After leading his team to two Super Bowl wins, being cut leaves quarterback Levi Brody reeling. Betrayed, scared, and picking up the pieces from a failed love affair, he abandons New Orleans for the speck-on-the-map Alabama town he left behind. He wants nothing more than to hide out and lick his wounds, but an interfering brother thrusts him back into sports—coaching high school football. Where once he’d ruled the field as star player, now he’s taking orders from a very young, very attractive head coach. A coach with a deep-rooted hatred for all things Levi Brody.

Head coach of the newly formed East County High, Tracy Wright has his work cut out for him. Forming three former rival teams into one working unit is all that he can handle. The last thing he needs is an interfering golden boy. He has no use for Levi Brody, until discovering how much Levi has to offer both the team and Tracy.
Small town jealousy plus big city secrets converge, and just might leave both men Sidelined.

Todd's rating:

"Sidelined" was a good follow-up story to "Six Ways from Sunday", with the story mainly concentrating on Levi from the first book and a new character, but we got a *lot* of additional info regarding Bo and Dylan from where book one left off.

Levi was Bo's (hot, built) quarterback for New Orleans from the first book. Levi has endured a career ending shoulder injury and been released from his contract, so he's feeling completely lost, so he returned home to Alabama where he's in hiding from the media and the world in general.

Unbeknownst to Levi, Tracy is the grown up (tall, hot, muscular) "Viking King" nose guard who sacked his ass for 3 straight seasons during their high school rival games. And Tracy had the hots for Levi then, just as he does now.

Tracy is the coach of the new consolidated high school, but is having problems getting players from the three schools to merge a single team that can stop fighting and cooperate, which is where Levi come into play as a quarterback coach.

Before Levi even shows up to help with practice, Tracy rescues him in an hour of need, they fall into bed and sparks fly for both of them.

But Levi has a lot of issues, both from his rough time growing up and his current situation, including being accused of the rape of a minor girl. Lord, the drama.

It was a good story, without too much crazy angst, but with a few "crossed paths" from their pasts that kept the story very interesting and believable, which I found to be highly entertaining.

If you enjoyed book one, you really MUST read this book for the rest of Bo and Dylan's story on how they worked through about how Dylan was reported as killed in the line of duty, Bo's subsequent breakdown and how Levi helped to get them back together for their own highly-anticipated HEA.

But the main focus of this story is on Levi and Tracy. And being the South, of course, the author puts their crazy right out on the front porch for all the neighbors to see.

I loved this story and can't wait to start reading book three. : )

3 1/2 rough and tumble, hot, sexy stars.

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