Saturday, February 21, 2015

Book Review: Against the Wall (Firsts and Forever #7) by Alexa Land

Against the Wall (Firsts and Forever, #7)Blurb:

Don’t start something you can’t finish.
It’s a cliché, but 22-year-old graffiti artist Christian lives by those words. He’s going away when he graduates from art school in just six short months. With so little time left, getting involved with gorgeous Shea Nolan has to be a mistake.
If only he could make himself stay away from the sweet, sexy police officer.
Christian has a decision to make. Are a few months of happiness worth the inevitable heartbreak when it’s time to walk away?
Against the Wall is the seventh book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever series, but each book can stand alone, so jump in anywhere. PLEASE NOTE: This male/male romance is for ADULT READERS ONLY. It includes explicit language and graphic sex.

Rosa's Rating:

Are you too lazy to write an actual review? Yes.

Is this book just a big ol' pile of silly? Yes.

Do you like it anyway? Yes.

Is MC Christian a sexy little mofo? He is in my head.

Is his soon-to-be soulmate Shea adorable? Yes. He's a giant geek trapped in Captain America's body. This is normally the part where I would complain that Shea is a wee bit too perfect. But, whatever, everyone in this series is perfect. It's just that type of series--everyone is as pure as the driven fluff.

Do Christian and Shea have sex against an actual wall at any point? Why, yes, I believe they do. Public sex is their kink. Go forth and fap.

Did the revelation of Christian's Big Dramatic Secret make you roll your eyes so hard you still have a headache? Yes. My eyelids even hurt.

Did you still get emotional over it? I refuse to answer that question.

Are you going to read the next book in the series? *mumbles* Yes. It's probably going to be about a rent boy named Chance. Who am I to say "no" to such genius? [Edit: Actually, the next book will be about reformed gigolo Gianni. The book after that will be about rent boy Chance.]

If you think it's so silly why do insist on reading the Firsts and Forever series? Cuz it's like Mary Calmes-crack-lite, okay? It's completely over the top ridiculous, compulsively readable fun and I need it.

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