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ARC Review: Rules to Live By by Assorted Authors

Rules to Live By
From the blurb:

Four intimate tales of power exchange, discipline, risks taken, and pleasures earned.
A list of rules to live by.
In Cari Z’s House Rules, jealousy leads Jonathan to break the rules his lover has established. He can’t decide which he enjoys more: his punishment, or the reward afterward. Good thing he gets both.
A lesson in humility.
In The Harder They Fall by Heidi Belleau and Lisa Henry, spoiled college boy Tad hires a prostitute, but “Daddy” couldn’t care less about what Tad wants. Instead, he’s going to give his spoiled little boy exactly what he deserves. 
A cage that means freedom.
In Master Key by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox, Marquis offers Navin the key to the most intimate of locks, hoping it will help them to prioritize their relationship. And it does—until work and insecurities threaten to drive them apart again.
A spool of rope and a desire to be bound.
In CTRL Me by Anna Zabo, a night out between friends turns hot and tempting when Gabe deliberately pushes Tom’s submissive buttons. Then Tom discovers rope in Gabe’s glove-box—and not the type for securing luggage.

Heather's rating:

Great collection! I'm being generous with my overall rating because I loved two of the stories SO HARD!

"Master Key" by Anah Crow & Dianne Fox- 2 stars

I couldn't wait for this story to be over.

I'm super bummed because I was REALLY excited for this one. I love, love, love the idea of chastity, and just the idea of an M/M featuring a cock cage was getting me hot and bothered! However, the rest of the story just wasn't for me.

I don't love established couple stories, and I really don't love stories where an established couple basically fights for the entire book. Navin and Marquis argued the entire time. The story was one big, long look into a dysfunctional couple, which just isn't what I like to read about. To top it off, in order for me to buy a BDSM-type story, I need the dom-type character to be, well, dom-y. Navin was sort of wishy washy and I didn't get a dominate vibe from him at all. In fact, he seemed like he was more submissive to me. I just felt like this couple was an awkward fit, and I just wanted both men to find other people. I wasn't feeling the love.

Also, and this is a bit of personal preference, but I also like my man in the cock cage to be the bottom in the bedroom. I have a fantasy about the caged man being banged with the cage on, but that wasn't the case here. The top was the caged one, and he was also the submissive. Taking him out of the cage for sex was sort of a let down. Also, I wanted more teasing/denial, maybe some CBT.

Moving on to the next story!

"House Rules" by Cari Z.- 4.5 stars

LOVED this! I have a major love for domestic discipline stories, so this was just perfection for me. All fans of DD will be delighted by this one, I'm sure. It was a short story, but the love the MCs had for each other came through and their chemistry was strong and off the charts. I honestly don't think it gets much better than a DD spanking scene, so thank you, Cari Z., for reading my kinky little mind!

I just love it when a boy acts out and their man has to remind them who's in charge. So. So. Good.

"The Harder They Fall" by Heidi Belleau and Lisa Henry- 4.5 stars

"Take it," Daddy said again. "Take it. If Daddy wants you to choke on his cock, that's what's going to happen."

Yes please, daddy.

One of my top favorite kinks of all time is daddy kink. In fact, I think it is my favorite kink in the BDSM umbrella. And this was some top notch kinkery right here.

I think I highlighted half of this story, I loved it so much. When you combine daddy kink with a butt virgin you make me a VERY happy camper.

How much do I have to pay to get a full length daddy kink story out of these two authors??? After reading this, I'm willing to pony up the dough.

"CTRL Me" by Anna Zabo- 3 stars

Not a bad story, just really not my kink.

Bondage in and of itself doesn't do much for me, but if you like ropes and people being tied up, this story is for you!

This was a sweet friends-to-lovers story with a kinky twist. I thought that the two guys got a little too serious too fast, but overall this was pretty good. I enjoyed it, but I think other readers might enjoy it even more.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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