Monday, February 2, 2015

ARC Review: Road Trip by A.F. Henley


For as long as Boyd can remember, he's been pushing pins into a map. Carson City, Las Vegas, Albuquerque—all places he wants to see, for a dozen different reasons that wouldn't mean a thing to anyone else. When he finally gets a chance to purchase the '69 Road Runner of his dreams, at a price that even he can manage, Boyd jumps at the opportunity.

Oliver seems like just another kid with a broken dream when their paths cross in Vegas. Against Boyd's better judgment, he offers to let Oliver hitch along for the ride when Oliver confides the need to get out and get gone.

But it's not long before Boyd realizes Oliver's reasons for running are more complicated—and more dangerous—than Oliver let on. But Boyd doesn't like people who play hardball, and he definitely doesn't like people messing with a man who's managed to light a fuse that Boyd forgot he had.

Dani's rating:

Boyd, a lonely 35-year-old auto mechanic, goes on the road trip of a lifetime. He buys the one classic car he's been saving to buy for 20 years and drives her across the country.

In Vegas, he meets the beautiful but haunted Oliver, who looks younger than his 24 years, and spontaneously offers him a ride.

Boyd likes things just so, but Oliver forces him to slow down, enjoy the scenery. The heat builds between them, but there are no tender words, few lingering glances.

This is not a traditional romance. Boyd and Oliver get to know each other during the their seven-day adventure, but there is an inherent monotony to the drive.

Henley's writing has appeal, but it's more abstract than I prefer in a romance novel. There is so much about these men, particularly Oliver, we don't know.

There is a sweetness to Oliver and Boyd's relationship, a tenderness in their touches. The ending is lovely, a strong HFN, but the connection never materialized for me.

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