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ARC review: Blind Passion by Bonnie Dee

Blind Passion (Wyatt Brothers, #1)From the blurb:
Leah Schaeffer has come a long way since an accident took her sight. She’s finally ready for independence, but convincing her wealthy parents she’ll be safe on her own isn’t easy. The first night in her own place at last, she encounters her neighbor with the midnight velvet voice and her world shifts again.

Since finishing a military tour, J.D. Wyatt has struggled both financially and emotionally. When Leah’s parents hire him to act as her bodyguard, he seizes the opportunity. The catch—she can’t know she’s being followed. As he grows closer to the intriguing woman and begins to have feelings for her, the burden of this secret grows heavier.

Although Leah and J.D. have suffered different types of trauma, their mutual understanding of each other’s pain bonds them. But their relationship, dependent on absolute trust, is rooted in lies which will detonate like an IED when exposed.

Heather's rating:

Bonnie Dee always gives me an interesting read, and this one was no different. The fact that this book had a blind female MC immediately grabbed my attention, and knew I had to give this one a try. I usually don't see the female MCs in M/F being the one with a disability, but this author loves to throw us a curve-ball.

The blurb really tells you a lot of the story. The tension is there from the beginning: We KNOW that J.D. is keeping something from Leah, and it was stressful as hell for me as a reader! I kept getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach because I KNEW that badness was going to go down sooner or later. There is no good way to keep a secret that large from a romantic partner.

I sort of had a love/hate relationship with Leah and J.D. as a couple. I loved their chemistry and the rawness of their passion. It was exciting to read about and hotter than I expected. However, there was also something dysfunctional about them that made me feel uneasy. They were both in such transitional places in their lives and they both had communication issues that made it had for me to fully get behind them as a couple.

I like that Bonnie Dee takes risks in her stories and presents everything in a way that I find really compelling, as a reader. This one was a bit predictable and a bit less engaging as some of her other works, but I still enjoyed it. I'd recommend this for all Bonnie Dee fans as well as fans of relationships that are a bit on the angsty side.

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