Saturday, January 24, 2015

Book Review: An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt by Kari Gregg

An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt
From the blurb:
On Mariket, the strongest competitors losing.

Narone native and former heir of Class II shipbuilder Denbo-West Industries, Shane West surrendered his perilous birthright to compete in the Hunt and tried his luck with the lusty cats of Mariket. Shane’s mastery of survival craft in the untamed forest made him an early favorite among gamblers, fans, and arena officials. When he lured a cat into an arousing chase the first night, mating with Lore to become the season’s first victor seemed guaranteed.

Then news from Arena 4 slowed to a trickle. Rumors emerged about cats who’d gone feral as well as shocking breaches in security. Unconfirmed reports of assassins and rogue predators circulated before offworld communications screeched to a halt.

In this unprecedented glimpse inside the arena, Shane peels back the veil of secrecy. What does it take to tempt a sexy cat? How does being marked as prey by a feline lover feel? Experience the wanton pleasures of the heat with Shane and his mysterious mate—and discover which of last season’s scandalous rumors are true.

Run, pounce, fuck.


Welcome to the Hunt.

Heather's rating: 3 of 5 stars

That's right. You take it. You like getting captured and used like a little toy. You naughty, teasing boy. You take that big, furry...

Wait, what?

You all can hear my thoughts?

Oh boy...

So this book. First of all, DAMN, that is some hot inter-species dub-con! The whole running around in the arena and getting forced to bang some giant cat peen was bizarrely and completely hot.

But the plot... seriously. I mean, seriously. It was borderline nonsensical. Shane is involved in some strange cat and mouse (ha!) type game in order to lure a mate (I think) and he sort of wants to win, but sort of doesn't want to win, but then he really wants to win, but then he has to live in the tree tops? Maybe I'm just a little slow but I had NO idea what was happening most of the time.

I just wanted more pouncing.

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