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Book Review: Caught by Robbie Michaels

Caught (Caught in the Act, #1)
When Adam’s father catches him in bed with his best friend, he rips Adam away from his comfortable life in the city and sends him to a farm in the country, hoping some hard work will "fix" him. Adam is supposed to work with Ben, a hostile young man who clearly doesn’t want him there, no matter how hard Adam tries to prove himself. When Ben kisses him, Adam is shocked and delighted but terrified his father will once again pull him away from a home he’s grown to like.
As their relationship grows in secret, Ben promises to stay with Adam when school starts to help him get to know the place and the people. However, Amelia, a young woman Ben had dated, latches on to Ben again. Adam is furious at being abandoned to fend for himself on his first day in a new school. A physical confrontation with Amelia lands Adam in trouble again, and his father's involvement complicates all their lives. Betrayal and an uncertain future threaten Adam and Ben's budding summer relationship.

Todd’s rating:

I liked this book for the most part, but I also found it sort of "meh" when the final credits rolled.

The premise is that city boy Adam gets caught kissing his best friend and his defense attorney dad flips out and moves him son and himself from a NYC suburb to bumfuck Upstate New York to "save" him from becoming one of "those" people.

Then once they arrive in Bumfuck, Adam, for all intents and purposes, becomes the indentured, unpaid farmhand / slave to local (hot, muscley) farm boy Ben for the summer to make "a real man" out of him. *Insert-EyeRoll-for-"Real-Men"-Here*

And Ben himself doesn't exactly endear himself to us initially either.
“Don’t you know that cleaning is women’s work?” <—Seriously, Ben?  SERIOUSLY???
The book mentions that Ben has recently lost his father to a heart attack, supposedly the reason that he's such a surly little bitch boy to everyone, (but especially Adam,) then when he finally stops being a dick to Adam and has someone to talk to, there isn't word one about dear old dead daddy. Huh? PPP (pointless plot point).

I enjoyed the fact that the boys were extremely flip-floppy with their roles in bed, but we got more of a general descriptive overview than any real details sex-wise. I also enjoyed that Adam did have a spine and stuck to his guns when he needed to (mostly), despite how we're repeatedly told that Ben was the bigger and stronger of the two.

Overall, I did like the story, but I found it extremely inconsistent that the "strong", opinionated Ben immediately flipped into cowering, whimpering dishrag when dealing with his pushy, CUNT/bitch/uber-twat ex(?) girlfriend, Amelia. The author explains that away by saying that Ben 'doesn't like confrontation', but Ben was willing to confront anyone and everyone through the rest of the book. So, yeah, WTF?

And the last inconsistency that I'll mention is what Adam's dad did, in public, when he found out about the boys. People ashamed of "the gay" don't do that. They also tend not to do a complete 180 on being supportive.

But "shit that didn't make a lot of sense to me" aside, this one was about 3 1/4 stars for me.

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