Friday, January 23, 2015

Book Review: Boo by Nick Pageant

Boo! (Beauty And The Bookworm, #2)
Mason and Shane are living the good life and looking forward to a happy Halloween.Things take a spooky turn with a desperate call from Gran. It seems she's in some ghostly trouble and the beauty and the bookworm will need to ride off to her rescue. Mason's got his trusty kindle and Shane's got his famous green jockstrap, but will they be enough to battle a spirit that seems to have his spectral eyes on Shane?

Todd’s rating:

God, how I've missed Mason and Shane since I finished Beauty and the Bookworm, but this new short story helped quite a bit with that.
“Did you pack your kindle?” Shane asked.
“I’ll carry it. Did you pack your green jockstrap?”
“Wearing it. Let’s go.”
The new short story is titled "Boo!", but it was way more entertaining than scary, so here are a few of my own personal favorite alternate titles for this highly-entertaining little jewel:

     Ass-tral Projection

     Sphrinctral Possession

     Shane Gets it in the No-no (My # 1 pick) : )

“Shane,” I whispered, “I didn’t shove my finger up your ass.”

“Then who did? ... Oh, Mason,” Shane said with a shudder, “what the hell just happened?”

“I think you just got fingered by a ghost.”
Then coffee enema "psychic" Mona Lisa weighs in with her two cents on the lighthouse ghost.
“You have to let Ben [the ghost] inside you.”

“Uh… no. He already got to finger Shane. That’s going to have to last him for a while.”
My very favorite part of this book though was when the boys met Lee.

Lee the librarian was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. He was in his mid-60s and, not only was he wearing a sky-blue cardigan, he had a bowtie to match.

Shane nudged me as we followed him and pointed at Lee’s back.

“That’s your future,” he mouthed.

“I know!” I mouthed back.
Classic fucking Mason.

The best part of the original book was the banter, which was packed into the 33 pages of the story, so I completely LOVED this story.

But Nick, I want more, more, MORE, so if you could be a love and make that happen I'd be extremely grateful.

I purchased my own copy of this book, so it was not provided by the publisher.

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