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ARC Review: Rabbit Season (Lost Shifters #2) by Megan Derr

Rabbit Season
 Sidney has quietly loved twin brothers Brook and Colby for years, watching and pining as they came to his house for the summer every year. Painfully aware that they have each other, have no reason to notice the unremarkable duck they grew up babysitting.

Then the twins and their mother are attacked days before an important meeting that will change the shifter world forever. When the twins come to stay with Sidney's family until the attackers are caught, Sidney learns that all things have their season, and even violent protests will not keep two rabbits from the man for whom they've been patiently waiting…
 Todd's rating:


Rabbit Season, book 2 of the Lost Shifters series, was cute, but it wasn't nearly as fun to read as book 1, Backwoods Asylum.

In this follow up installment, we're introduced to Sidney, a 20 year old duck shifter, who is the son of the flock leader and is being groomed to take over one day.

Sid's dad is married to a human man and their best friend is a cottontail rabbit shifter with two (hot, studly) 26 year old *identical TWIN* sons.  Mmm, twins.

Sid has had a crush on the twins, Colby and Brook, for as long as he can remember and unbeknownst to Sid, the feeling is mutual. Times 2.

The main part of the story is how the two cottontails pull Sid into their *twincestuous* relationship to be their mate. And I. WAS. ALL. OVER. THAT. : )

It was a fun read, with a subplot about bad guys trying to harm the twins and their mother for political reasons (yawn), but to me that was just a distraction from whole "Tru3 Lov3" relationship between the 3 (yes, 3) boys.

The bad guys are caught and life goes on without much real drama behind it, other than Sid getting punched in the face a couple of times before the Mr. Big Bad could get to the rabbits.

The one thing that was a little odd about these books being a "shifter" series is that no one really shifted. It's like making a huge deal about someone being a pianist, then they never play the piano. I found that strange in both books.

But like the first book hooked me with puppies, this one hooked me with the twin ménage (twénage?) HEA, so I overlooked a few things.

It was a fun read and the closing scene definitely gave you some pretty hot visuals for the phrase, "Well, fuck a duck." (Nobody was shifted though, so *whew* on that one, 'cause ick and no and eww.)

3 'less-fun-but-hotter-than-the-last-one' stars this time around.

** My ARC copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley for a fair, unbiased review.

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