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Book Review: Wings of Destruction by Victoria Zagar

Wings of Destruction
From the blurb:

Society has collapsed, driven to madness after a great economic crash. Gangs roam the streets, taking any man, woman or child without a Mate for their own.

Martin is on the brink of despair, an asexual man who cannot keep a Mate. Facing a life he cannot bear, he heads to Spire Rock to end it. But when he reaches it, he encounters Anael, an angel sent to assess the world for destruction—and the first to accept Martin exactly as he is.

Teaming up with former gang concubine Sarah, they journey to the Tower of Elysius to end the world. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and some angels have plans of their own…

Todd's Rating:

This one has me a bit conflicted as far as a review goes. Yes, I did like the first two-thirds of the book quite a bit.

Anael is an angel sent to Earth to look for any redeeming qualities -- before the Archangel Gabriel brings on Armageddon and destroys Earth and everyone on it.

Martin was kept as a slave and raped for years by his captors as a teenager, after which he couldn't bear the thought of sex, so he became asexual. No 'fixing' him. Ever. That's just how he is, amen.

Sarah is trans and wants the world to end, so that God can finally put her into the correct body.

Anael makes the ultimate sacrifice of body (and his immortal soul) to save Martin.

Then the evil villain is revealed and [he/she/it] is a conniving, EVIL BITCH, who just so happened to slip God into Hell while He was sleeping. (Evidently creating entire worlds is exhausting work for a growing boy, even if you're God.)

Yeah, news flash, folks: Reality has OFFICIALLY left the building at this point.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Sci-Fi TV show nerd at heart, but this was waaay out there, even for me.

When He finally wakes up from his nap, God is pissed and the bad [he/she/it] goes splat like a vampire on True Blood. (Loved that part actually.)

And just FYI, GOD TALKS IN ALL CAPS, ALL THE TIME. Kinda annoying, but I get it. Nobody can hear God, unless he's loud and self-important. Kind of like your dad, I guess. : ?

The biggest annoyance for me was the contradiction from the first part of the book stating that God resting in Heaven on "The 7th Day" equates to 1,000 years in human time. Then later, Martin has wandered the barren Earth for a couple of days, which we're informed has been 200 years in Heaven.

Uhh, WHAT??? Consistency, people. Consistency. Sci-Fi nerds must have it in order to continue breathing. We get all 'Princess and the Pea' without it. A burr under our saddle, if you will.

And the very end was just plain odd, with angels watching TV (no, I couldn't believe that either) to keep an eye on their charges. The part with Sarah and Tim reminded me a lot of an episode of that game show Baggage.

I'll give it 2 1/2 stars, mainly for the first parts of the book and that it was well edited.

My copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley for a fair, unbiased review.

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