Monday, December 22, 2014

Book Review: Wave Goodbye to Charlie by Eric Arvin

Wave Goodbye to Charlie
My name’s Charlie. I’m many things, though none of them having to do with any real talent. I’m a runaway, a hustler when I need to be, a ghost when I have to scare hoodlums away from my home, and a loner who maybe reads too much. But most of all, I’m the keeper of the carnival. That’s how I see myself. I look after the place ’cause even dying things need to be cared for. Maybe it’s illegal. Maybe that rusty metal fence around the carnival is supposed to keep me out too. Or maybe me and this place were meant to find each other. Truth is, I never felt at home anywhere but here, not even in all the foster families and orphanages I was placed in as a young shit. They don’t look for me no more, those places. I suspect I ran away so much they finally just said, “Fuck! Let him go.” I am a hangnail on society’s manicured middle finger. I’m older. One year past the age anyone gives a shit.
 And this is my adventure…

Todd’s rating:

Well, now. Wasn't that just... odd.

First, at least for me, this one is *not* (really) a love story. Definitely not a conventional one.

During the first part of the book, when we first were introduced to some of the pure hatred and evil in the human world, my jaw was dropping. I was pretty much like, "What the hell kind of cruel mess has TJ Klune's soon-to-be husband just exposed me to???"

And I was just about to reach for the freaking Parental Controls for my e-reader when that shit sucked me completely in. Deep. Then I was all fan-girling out about where the story was going to take me next.

And leave it to Arvin to not disappoint in keeping me on the edge of my seat. This book covered a LOT of ground. Prostitution, homelessness, multiple gruesome murders and other unpleasantries galore.

But the light half of the story more than made up for all of the dark. It very strongly touched on true friendships and family that you may or may not have even realized you had. But when the end, the *true* end comes, they are all that you truly care about.

The book was a joy and it's KILLING ME not to just spill out the entire plot here on the page, because it was very "over the hill and through the woods", dragging my ass along excitedly every step of the way.

But, alas, I promised myself that I would resist temptation and be a good boy on this one. Although I will say that the good guys were really good and the bad guys were really, REALLY bad, with not many characters anywhere near the center divider on that particular highway. So just be warned if you're on the delicate or skittish side.

So buy the book, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Just watch out for walking houses. “Follow that car!”

*Shit*. I said that out loud, didn't I? Oops. My bad.

4 1/2 stars for a whole lot of unique, creepy and I dare say pretty awesome weirdness.
My copy of this book was provided by the publisher for a fair, unbiased review.

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