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Book Review: Red Rogue by Evan Gilbert

Red Rogue (Brown-Eyed Devil, #2)Blurb:

Sequel to Brown-Eyed Devil
Necromancer Anoki doesn't understand his deep love for Myron. They have only known each other a few days, but it feels like they have loved each other for a lifetime. Because of the curse that transforms Myron into an uncontrollable monster, Anoki had no choice but to condemn him to hell. Now the only way he can reunite with Myron is to track down the person who placed that curse and remove it.

But Anoki’s quest leads him to long hidden family secrets and draws the attention of demonic forces determined to stop him. Slowly the true nature of his relationship with Myron comes to light, and that places him in a final confrontation with the deadliest obstacle standing between them—his merciless, powerful mother.

Todd's rating:

Supernatural Sci-Fi Nerd Alert in 3... 2... 1... Go!

This one was a bit like following around an entire herd of 4 year olds. Hopped up on sugar. At an amusement park. On the 4th of July. Wheee, wheee, wheee!!!

Don't get me wrong, after loving the first book, Brown-Eyed Devil , this one was just as action-packed and exciting. Probably even more so, now that I think about it. Lots of demons this time.

However... The first book felt a bit better laid out, while this plot line seemed to come at you like one of those rocket launchers they use at batting cages to hurtle baseballs at your head. So yeah, a bit Michael Bay on crack at times.

I loved, loved, LOVED finding out more info as to why Anoki was so completely enamored Myron though, with my favorite part of the book being where Anoki got his memories back. The ones that filled in all of the blanks surrounding Myron and a (future/past/alternate/hell-if-i-know) life that they had once built together. *tingles*

And meet the parents? God, not even going to go there or I'll word vomit out a 7 page outline of the book for you, so let's just say that dear old Dad, plotting to kill both Anoki and his (yep, *evil twin*) brother, was not as bad as he seemed.

But Mommy "Chaos" Dearest? She was unimaginably worse. And then some. And then some more.

Myron was still my favorite character, with his constant bit of snark:

        "Lady, I’m gonna kick your ass up over your shoulders.”


        “You’re one hell of a fighter.” Anoki smiled. “You are also very —”
        “Oh, don’t say ‘cute,’ for God’s sake! Guys treat me like I’m a fucking puppy. I’m not a puppy, goddammit!”

I was also really excited to see Pike back from the first book, this time as a muscled, hot assassin of God (a Rogue) with a really big hammer. Mmmm, Rogues with big hammers... : )

However, at times it did feel like the story was a bit like Carmen Miranda's hat and could have done without a few of those extra bananas. (Yes, there was huge eye rolling going on at the spirit-possessed zombie polar bears and the zombie elephant in the living room.)

But *if* you were a fan of the first book, then this is a must read. Or if you're a fan of oddly romantic demon-laced fantastic epic spirit portal adventures (trust me, it's a thing, then don't miss these two books.

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