Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Book Review: Green the Whole Year Round by Rowan McAllister

Green the Whole Year 'RoundBlurb:
Couples counselor Ted Freeman is still reeling six months after his partner left him. He desperately hopes a week of peace and quiet at a quaint mountain cabin will be just what he needs to regain his personal and professional confidence.
 Neil Kelly is a computer programmer who just got promoted to full time and is celebrating over Christmas by going on his first real grown-up vacation at the Cabins in the Pines Inn. When he runs into Ted, his longtime crush, Neil can't believe his luck, and he vows to do whatever it takes to make Ted see him as something other than the dork next door.

Neil wasn’t part of Ted's plan for the holidays, but he might turn out to be exactly what Ted needs.

 Todd's rating:

This novella was kind of fun, but I normally prefer longer books. Not too angsty, but it did have a lot of Ted and Neil living inside their own heads.

Rational, conservative couples counselor Ted's 5 year relationship with Franklin (*cough* *judgmental dipshit* *cough*) ended six months ago, seemingly out of nowhere, which devastates Ted's confidence that he really knows much of anything about his chosen profession.

So with the deposit already paid for a Christmas mountain retreat, Ted decides that getting away to do some soul searching is just what the doctor ordered.

But just as he's begun the mental autopsy on his failed relationship, up walks Neil with his tendency toward verbal vomiting firmly intact. So much for peace and quiet.

Neil has had a serious crush on Ted for three years, but he's so nervous around the man that he babbles incessantly, until he finally runs away mortified. So the stage is set.

Over the course of the week, Ted continues to soul-search, but is easily distracted by the adorable, fun "ginger twink". (To quote my very lady-like pal Dani, *snort*)

Neil does his best to give Ted time to do his thinking, but it's Ted himself who continues to be drawn toward Neil's positive energy.

And after years of exposure to Franklin's negativity and superior snark, Ted finds that pretty damn refreshing. (I've always said that if you surround yourself with bitter people, you become jaded, too.)

So they do their little dance a few times, run away and slink back. Nothing too dramatic, just sorting a few things out here and there and we get our HEA, which was entertaining to watch. (And the lurvin' was kinda hot.)

Not amazing, but with a little fluffy holiday read feel to it, so you might want to give it a read.

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