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Book Review: A Family Christmas for Wake & Cody by D.C. Williams

A Family Christmas for Wake & Cody
From the blurb:
Best friends since kindergarten, Wake and Cody are starting their new lives together. If they can survive Christmas.

Wake Zakrewski's huge and lively family has always treated Cody like another son. Now that the two best friends are lovers, will that change? Or will this Christmas be the very best one? And is Wake and Cody's the only new romance in the family

Heather's rating:

A sweet holiday story, even if it felt like the middle of a longer book.

I'm a fan of D.C. Williams and I've made it my mission to snatch up all of her stuff. This was another good story from her, though it won't be making my favorites lists.

Wake and Cody have a childhood friends-to-lovers sort of relationship. The story is told mainly in the present, where they are established couple, with flashbacks of them getting together. I enjoyed the dynamic between Wake and Cody. They are both a little rough around the edges, and I liked seeing them come together and find their footing as a couple.

The majority of the story is the two of them coming out to their families and experiencing the holidays together. While I found the family dynamics sort of charming, all of the characters and side relationships was a bit confusing and cluttered for a novella. I wanted more of just the two MCs so I could see what they meant to each other with less of the family drama involved. I also found Wake to be sort of puzzlingly, borderline offensive with some of his comments and I would have liked to see that addressed more.

Finally, I wanted more sex on page, dang it, even though I still enjoyed the story without it! (If I stomp my feet enough, will I get some??) This novella has just the tiniest hint of sex on page, but it is mostly just skimmed over.

All in all, another nice, charming holiday story, especially for fans of established couples and friends to lovers.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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