Sunday, December 21, 2014

Book Review: Exposed by Skylar M. Cates


After years of running from a traumatic secret, young journalist Rafe Quintero is making his way in the world alone. Now that he’s landed a job at a Miami newspaper, he’s hungry for success. His goal? A blistering exposé on closeted PGA golfer Daniel Andrews. Rafe will stop at nothing to get the scoop—even if it means going undercover on Daniel’s private yacht.

Daniel is used to being in the spotlight, but his reputation for being cold and unfriendly hasn’t made him very popular. Still reeling from his mother’s death and his ex-boyfriend’s engagement, he hides out on his yacht to escape the press hounding his every step. His instant attraction to Rafe, his new crew member, is a problem he can't ignore.

When Rafe and Daniel begin a steamy affair, Rafe knows it’s only a matter of time before Daniel discovers his betrayal. Now he has to choose: confess and hope Daniel can swallow his pride and forgive him, or put his ambition ahead of his heart and follow the story.

Dani's rating:

I waited so long to read this book, but I finally got to it because I loved Cates' The Guy, series and let me tell you, I do not regret it!

This book was GOOD: insanely smexy, romantic, with some unexpected sweet moments and enough angst (secrets! betrayal!) to keep me riveted.

Disclaimer: I am not much for watching sports, and golf is on the bottom of my list, but there's really no golf in this story.

Daniel is a PGA pro who abruptly walks off the course in the midst of a very successful career. Rafe, a tough former foster kid from a Cuban family, is a reporter trying to get the scoop of a lifetime.

Pretending to be a college student, Rafe lies his way onto Daniels's yacht. Rafe never expects Daniel to be so caring or loving, so damn real and dominant.

The writing is stellar, and the sex. Dear god. The sex. SO FUCKING HAWT, peeps, SO, SO hawt.

But there is plot a plenty, too; no crazy drama but a lingering tension, a separation, tons of desire and feels.

Plus: a one-eyed, spoiled cat.

Rafe is so determined to "out" Daniel, he never feels himself fall. The way Rafe's secret comes out is all wrong. But is there ever a right way to tell someone you've been using them?

Maybe Daniel forgives too easily, but as his sister tells him: Forgiveness isn't on schedule.

The dual POV made this story accessible. There was so much passion between the MCs, so much lust and love. This was a very satisfying read with a nice HEA.

Skylar Cates is quickly becoming one of my go-to authors in this genre!

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