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Blogtour: Blind Man's Wolf by Amelia Faulkner

Welcome to our tour stop for Amelia Faulkner's 

Blind Man's Wolf


A night-blind vampire. A werewolf with lousy self-confidence. And a whole hell of a lot of danger…

Tooth & Claw, Book 1.

Ellis O’Neill is an art dealer with too many problems: his eyesight has deteriorated to the point of night-blindness; he’s estranged from his family, to whom he owes a considerable sum of money; and his guide dog went right off him the night Ellis died. Without his dog, Ellis is trapped in a life bouncing between home and work, dependent on his personal assistant.
Werewolf Randall Carter has problems of his own. He loves his pack, he really does, but as their Omega he’s always the one to bear the brunt of their rage. It’s a role he can’t avoid, and Randall isn’t sure he can take it for much longer, so he buries himself in his day job. Randall’s the best dog trainer in the city, and when he’s offered a client who needs him to work evenings he’d be a fool to turn it down.
Soon Randall is falling for someone he should despise. Everything about the undead is anathema to his kind, but Ellis is exactly the kind of guy Randall would want to ask out on a date – if he were still breathing. Worse, they may not have too long to figure their feelings out. Someone or something is gunning for Ellis and anyone else who gets in the way; they won’t rest until the vampire is destroyed.

An Introduction to Randall Carter:

Randall’s been bullied for most of his life. The reason seemed almost entirely irrelevant: short; black; gay; quiet; R in the month. Thankfully he always had his big brother Kieran to look out for him.

Of the two, Kieran’s the one with the temper. He was just about old enough to blame himself when their dad walked out on the family, and looking out for Randall was sometimes just a convenient excuse for a punch-up.

So when it came to the Shifter DNA lottery it was a surprise to Randall that he’d drawn a short straw he never even knew existed. Calm, gentle Randall had the heart of a wolf, and the claws of a killing machine. If it weren’t for a young pair of werewolves who found him before he could change and wreak havoc on what was left of his family he’d be a very different man today.

The trouble with being a Wolf Shifter is the moon. Once a month it stirs even the most placid of hearts into a quick and easy rage, and only the word of an Alpha can keep it in check. The shifters who saved him when he was a teenager feel like a prison now that Randall’s an adult with his own life to lead. The pack is made up of disparate personalities whose sole common ground is that they are all werewolves who need their Alpha, and sadly for Randall they’ve all grown up on television programs and films which insist that all packs have an Omega. He’s an animal handler, a dog trainer, and he knows this to be false, but deep down he’s all too aware it’s just another excuse for bullies to cling to.

How can he survive without the pack, though? The moment he stubs his toe during the full moon anything near him is going to get ten feet of raging muscle and claw to the face…


Randall clutched his mug and held it close to his chest, trying to formulate his question in a way that didn’t make him sound like a nutter. “I’ve met someone.”

“Ohhh!” Preeti leaned forward, her features lit with salacious glee. “Tell me more!”

“Oh! Not that kind of someone!” He coughed. “Well. Maybe. No. Anyway, look!” He huffed at her. “Right. I mean, I only had this shape on, not my better nose, so I can’t swear by it-”

“Out with it!”

“He doesn’t have a smell,” Randall blurted.

“That’s not how the joke goes. You start out with ‘my dog has no nose’.” She leaned back again and crossed her legs, watching him over her cup.

“Ha ha,” he said flatly. “No, but seriously. He doesn’t… have a scent. Even when we touched-” he ignored her raised eyebrows “-there wasn’t anything. What does that mean?”

“I’d say it means he’s some sort of predator.”

A laugh escaped him involuntarily, then he swallowed some tea. “Like what? He’s not a shifter, right? He’d smell like us.”

Preeti flexed her delicate shoulders. “He’s not a wolf, certainly. But there are other kinds, so maybe there’s some sort out there which masks its scent so it can hunt better.” Her eyes widened. “Of course, the only thing to mask your scent from is a creature which relies on smell, so maybe it feeds on werewolves!”

“You suck.”

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About the author:

Amelia Faulkner was born in the rolling green countryside of Oxfordshire, and moved to London once she was mostly grown up. She has a degree in Computer Science, and spent quite a long time working with computers until her childhood love of writing could no longer be ignored.

Since then she has written for corporate clients and personal pleasure, and finally stepped away from office-bound working in 2011 to freelance from home.

Amelia is also a keen photographer and film-goer, and resides in the city (not the City) with her husband. She is notoriously camera-shy, so please enjoy this picture of her cat!

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  1. The book sounds good.I enjoyed the blurb. A little different twist on the shifters. My favorite horror films as a kid are Dracula movies. I used to watch every Saturday morning with my mom. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing wer the actors I remember the most.

  2. The whole Nightmare on Elm Street series:!!

  3. I pre-ordered the book on my Amazon Kindle, so I have it and am just trying to finish up one of the other 7 books I am reading so I can get started on it. When I was younger I really enjoyed the Halloween movies. They just totally scared me so I would lose sleep at night. I also love Freddie in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

  4. My favorite classic horror movie is The Fly. The one with Jeff Goldblum in it; the way he transformed was nasty.


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