Sunday, December 7, 2014

ARC Review: Must Loathe Norcross by Summer Devon

Must Loathe NorcrossFrom the blurb:
Born wealthy and ambitious, Grady once worked hard and played hard—so hard, it brought him to the brink of ruin. Now, after a five-year retreat into the contemplative life, he’s dipping a toe back into the real world.  
Assigned to write a series of articles about a Connecticut valley’s small towns, Grady checks into a local hotel. And meets a bellhop who seems determined to show him around…and maybe indulge in a more intimate tour later on.  
When Josh’s boss half-jokingly suggests he get on a first-name basis with the writer who could make or break their town’s reputation, Josh jumps at the chance. He dreams of seeing the world, but the man he thought might be his ticket out turns out to be less influential—and more attractive—than he expected.  
Together they uncover a strange plot to detour Norcross’s tourist dollars, a plot that leaves Grady bruised and angry. Now they’ll have to decide how far they’ll go to save the town…and how far they’ll fall for each other.

Heather's rating:

If I'm being perfectly honest with myself, this story was just in the "okay" to "good" range. And I'm bummed because I really wanted to love it! I was expecting a light story filled with humor about a small town, kind of like an L.B. Gregg. While this story was sort of like that, it just didn't connect with me.

I think my main problem with the story was how fast Grady and Josh got together. I wasn't really feeling the chemistry and all of the sudden it was like, BAM! I like lots of slow burn in my stories and this was too insta-attraction for me. Also the sex scenes seemed awkward and didn't delver on the heat-factor.

I also didn't quite get Grady's faux monk-hood vibe and how quickly he morphed out of it. I never got a good handle on his character and what he was all about. He was too many things for me. Past fast lane living guy, sometime slick, sometimes socially awkward, sometimes asexual, sometime a bossy top... I couldn't nail him down. I think his character needed more work.

I also didn't quite connect with the plot. It seemed a little over-the-top and outlandish, and not in a fun way. I can't see that kind of stuff happening in real life, to be honest, but maybe that's just me.

Though I'm being a Negative Nancy over here, at times I thought the story was very cute. I really enjoyed Josh and his travel-lusting character. He was fun and interesting for me. The story also reads very pleasantly and easily, and it was a light read for those that are looking for something on the fluffy side.

Not bad but not great, I was underwhelmed by this one.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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