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ARC Review: Bowl Full Of Cherries by Raine O'Tierney

Bowl Full of CherriesFrom the blurb:

Porker, Fatty, Tons-of-Fun: Crowley Fredericks has heard it all. He’s dropped a lot of weight since his high school days, but he’s still a big guy, and the painful words and bullying follow him. Rejected—again—because of his size, Crowley is starting to think that maybe love just isn’t meant for huskier men.

Averell Lang and his twin are so different they might as well not even be related. So when Rell’s brother brings his roommate home to snowy Susset for the holidays, Rell expects the worst—another uptight, pretentious hipster. What he discovers instead is Crowley. Nerdy, fascinating, attractive, Crowley. Rell never expected to look at a man this way, and what he sees in Crowley Fredericks is something he didn’t even know he was looking for. If both men can overcome their hang-ups, they might unwrap more than presents this holiday season.

Heather's rating:

Lovely and sweet holiday story that tackles a LOT of weighty issues (no pun intended!), yet still manages to stay pretty light and fluffy.

I think my favorite part of the story, and the one that I connected with the most, is the whole "love your body for what it is" message. Crowley has been dealing with teasing and rejection all his life. Though he used to be really overweight and now he just carries around some extra layers, he it constantly self-conscious about it. I related to his shyness about his body and feelings of inadequacy that I think we ALL have, in one form or another. It was a touching read in that way.

I also liked the sweet chemistry between Crowley and Averell (GAH, those names killed me, though). They were flirty and genuine with each other, and though the sex scenes were severely lacking in finesse and heat, IMO, I really enjoyed them as a couple.

This book is also really geeky, which could be good or bad for some people. There is a lot of gamer talk (I didn't follow), but I like me a geek, so I didn't mind too much being lost for sections of the story.

Noooooww... on to some issues.

It is no secret that I'm a GFY whore. I love them. Like, REALLY love them. However, not all books are meant to be GFY. I would have much preferred this story with Rell being bisexual or gay from the start, with Crowley just not being his usual type. The change from "straight" to "gay" was wayyy to fast for my liking. I just didn't get it. He never noticed guys before but, in a blink of an eye, was attracted to Crowley. Sure, they had great friend chemistry and a lot in common, but I have a lot in common with my best friend and I certainly don't want to lick her no-no!

I like my GFYs to be way more... gradual. It has to feel real, it has to feel organic. This didn't feel like something that could actually happen, even to a laid-back, open-minded guy like Rell.

Related to that is my issue with the sex scenes. Crowley is a virgin and TOTALLY inexperienced. I love virgins, LOVE them, but Crowley didn't seem like what I expected from a virgin. He was very shy and timid in the beginning, and then sort of morphed to someone more practiced than a virgin would be. I also just wasn't feeling the sex scenes in general, which was a bummer.

All in all, I think this was a nice new adult book with a good message of love, finding yourself, and being confident in your own skin. Though it didn't work for me as a GFY, it was still plenty enjoyable. Oh, and I'm pretty excited about Tyler's book!

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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  1. I hear you about some names being totally HORRENDOUS. One time I actually whipped out Calibre and CHANGED the dude's ridiculously annoying name. *Then* it was a pretty awesome read. hehe


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