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Author Of The Month - Daisy Harris - Week Three

Welcome to our third week of celebrating the incomparable

This week, we'll talk about Urban Mermen and Ocean Shifters, plus a funny thing that happened, and there'll be a chance to win a copy of either Jamie's Merman or Mere Temptation. 

First up, the Ocean Shifters series (M/F)

Mere Temptation:

Mere Temptation (Ocean Shifters, #1)

After twenty years in Landworld, mermaid Ismaelda Freya seeks refuge in her home habitat, Key Sirena. In all that time, she's never taken a human lover to become fully human, but neither is she willing to give up her freedom and be marked forever as mere. The sea dragon Sidon can have anyone and anything he wants, except the one female who left. Using every trick he's learned in her absence, he vows to convince her to stay. Not even a shape-shifting mermaid can keep her options open forever. When faced with losing everything she values, Isa must choose between her freedom and her one true love.

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Second in the series, Mere Passion:

Mere Passion (Ocean Shifters, #2)

Straight-laced dragon General Kai Nasu dreams of reviving his Empire’s glory. Step one: conquer the Arctic mere habitat. But subduing the dolphin-shifting barbarians proves difficult when his human-form body starts breaking all the rules.

Commander of the Island’s Armed Forces, Princess Alara Skjelfjord plans to kick the haughty reptile’s butt back to where he came from. But the dragon emissary is hotter than a lava tube, and much as she wants to get rid of him, she wants to ride him first.

Alara inflames Kai’s body but denies him her heart. It’s only when Kai questions the very beliefs that made him that he can earn her love and become the dragon he was destined to be.

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And, so far, the third book, Shark Bait:

Shark Bait (Ocean Shifters, #3)

Raider had spent years honing his front, but as Sophia calmly assessed his erection it occurred to him--no male holds the upper hand when his pants are around his knees.

After seventeen mating refusals, sea dragoness Sophia Aleahar is getting more than a little desperate. But when she swims to a potential mate to convince him to reconsider, she's taken hostage by shark-shifter pirates. Mere-shark hybrid Raider ShaCrayz has spent ten years in the hold of his father's ship. The tiny dragoness prisoner inspires his most vicious and most gentle impulses. When she offers him freedom in exchange for helping her lure a mate, Raider decides he wants to be more than just a beast on a chain. Raider desires her like no male ever has, but Sophia needs to learn that no handsome dragon is worth more than the bad-boy shark who loves her.

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Daisy has also written an M/M series of the sea, so to speak...

Urban Merman

Jamie's Merman:

Jamie's Merman (Urban Merman, #1)

When a Seattle bartender finds a horny merman in Lake Washington, he tries to be kind and let him down easy. Jamie’s sick of taking home strays, and the needy merman pushes all his buttons. But when Jamie gets rejected by a longtime crush, he falls prey to the merman’s wide-eyed adoration and killer body.

But the selkie, Marin, has ulterior motives. He wants Jamie to help him impregnate his fertile wife, and soon Jamie’s dragged into a situation he hadn’t bargained for. Can Jamie get over his need to take care of every charity case that crosses his path? And can Marin man up and be the lover Jamie needs?

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And, so far, the only other book in the series, Hiro's Merman:

Hiro's Merman (Urban Merman, #2)

When an abused selkie named Deniz slips through the portal from his land, he finds himself in the middle of Lake Washington surrounded by boats. Terrified of this new world, he dodges hulls until he's found by a beautiful human named Hiro.

Hiro helps Deniz learn about the human world and introduces him to love between consenting partners. He escorts Deniz from the maritime festivities of SeaParty weekend to an exclusive bathhouse, and shows Deniz all the fun and pleasure of the human realm. But when Hiro discovers the pain in Deniz's past, he isn't sure he can be the lover Deniz needs.

Even though Deniz wants Hiro with all his heart, he isn't sure he can trust again. Can Hiro give the selkie the space he needs to regain his confidence? Can Deniz face his abuser once more? Do selkies prefer latt├ęs or cappuccinos?

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We asked Daisy to regale us with a funny thing that happened to her...

Here's her answer:

My junior year in high school, I went on a camping trip with some kids from my class. We took the bus from school, but got to the place where we were supposed to start hiking after dark. Tired and confused, we couldn’t find the trailhead, so we decided to sleep in a clearing next to a stream.

The next morning, we awoke to gunshots. It sounded as if someone were shooting directly at us. I’ve never moved so fast in my life as we packed our stuff and ran from our camp spot to the town’s main street.

Though shaken, we found the trailhead easily and began our hike. The area was mountainous, with us having slept on one side of a valley and us hiking up the opposite side. When we climbed high enough to see across the valley, we spotted a series of targets not far from where we’d been sleeping. Further up, we passed a group of men in a hutch, taking aim at the targets and shooting. Apparently, they were out for their Saturday morning sharpshooting practice.

To this day, I thank my lucky stars that those guys were good shots, and that they hit the targets and not us!

Yes, that was very lucky, indeed!!!

About Daisy:

Retired party girl and science fiction enthusiast, Daisy Harris spends most of her time writing sexy romance and plotting the fall of Western civilization. Her books can be found on Amazon, Nook, and wherever else fine erotic romance is sold.

Ms. Harris lives in Seattle, where she tortures her husband by making it rain. She enjoys watching bridges cause traffic, watching football games cause traffic, and blithely wearing wool socks with sandals.

She has never taken a single picture in which her bra strap is not showing.


And now for the giveaway - you can win an e-copy of 

Jamie's Merman 

or an e-copy of 

Mere Temptation

Good luck!!!

Thanks for celebrating with us. We hope to see you again next week for our Grand Finale, all about the Fire and Rain series, a Q&A with Daisy, and another chance to win a book.

Until then, happy reading!


  1. Both of this series sound really good! I'm going to be adding some books to my wishlist... :D

  2. Thanks for having me on the blog this month, Sandra!

  3. I haven't heard of either book, but I'm adding them to my wishlist now.

  4. mmmm....haven't read mermen books yet...sounds intriguing


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