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ARC Review: How to Train Your Dom in 5 Easy Steps by Josephine Myles


Jeff White’s needs are simple. All he wants is a submissive to help him explore the dominant side that his ex-girlfriend couldn’t handle. Problem is, inexperience in both dating and domming has resulted in a string of rejections.

What he needs is an experienced sub willing to show him the ins and outs of controlling a scene. Unfortunately, the only one willing to take him on is male, and Jeff is straight. One hundred percent, never-gonna-happen straight.

Easygoing painslut Eddie Powell doesn’t care that Jeff is younger, working class, and shorter. Eddie likes a bit of rough, and Jeff fits the bill perfectly. The trick will be convincing him to follow Eddie’s five-step training programme—which would be easy if Eddie wasn’t starting to have feelings for the rough-around-the-edges landscaper.

Once Jeff lays his hands on Eddie, things definitely get out of hand. But it’ll take more than hot, sweaty, kinky sex to persuade him to come out of the closet—especially to himself.

Dani's rating:

If you're looking for some dirty with a side of kinky, topped with floggers, canes, cock rings, and nipple clamps, you are in for a treat. The heat level in this book is off-the-fucking-charts FLAMMABLE.

The toys and D/s play are great fun, but what makes this book a special kind of steamy are the interactions between Eddie, an experienced painslut and sub, and Jeff, a wannabe sadist Dom who somehow insults every woman he wants to top.

Jeff just wants to spank and flog and get off in the process. And if he has to practice with a bloke, so be it. Working with cement when he only wants to garden, Jeff is a softie at heart. He falls hard for Eddie even as he doesn’t want to admit that he could love another man.
Next time [Jeff] was breaking up old foundations, there’d be no need to get out the pneumatic drill. He’d just need to think about Eddie and whack his dick down on the ground.
Eddie is willing and gagging for it. To calm Jeff’s I’m-not-gay panic, Eddie pretends it’s good smutty fun and nothing else, but Eddie wants a relationship, just not one that involves lurking in the closet with a man terrified to touch his cock. Eddie’s a bit posh with a snarky mouth and slightly cocky attitude, and I loved him from the get-go.

The secondary characters, Eddie’s friend Maddy and Jeff’s neighbor Niall, who are a couple, were complex and really came alive in the story.

Jeff’s properly British, middle-class family was equal parts frustrating and hilarious. Jeff’s mom, with her treacle pudding and snoopiness, won me over; Jeff’s homophobic, old-school dad not so much. When Jeff finally found the courage to come clean, his family’s reactions were at once expected and extraordinary.

There was no melodrama and little angst here, but there were plenty of emotions, sexy action, and hilarious dialogue. Myles is such a strong writer that seemingly mundane details become interesting, and the MCs feel like they could walk right off the page.

To focus just on the delicious filthy sex is to miss the point of this engaging, funny, and ultimately sweet story.

Yes, it’s BDSM, with pain play and humiliation, but the romance and tenderness more than shine through.
He had so many plans. He could hogtie Eddie and fuck his throat while he held his nose shut. He could tie him spread-eagle and kiss him all over. He could watch the sunrise with him from Jeff’s garden, then go inside for coffee and toast before heading back to bed.

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