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Book Review: Authors Gone Wild (Anthology)


Family Lines by Sara York
Brett Nash is a successful author, but his past still haunts him. Being kicked out of his home at the age of sixteen has left him distrustful of others. When Daniel, his stepbrother, shows up at HomoEroticCon, Brett has to decide to stay or leave. Worse, his publisher traps them in a room together; forcing Brett to talk to the one man he's never stopped loving.

Fanboy by Brandon Witt
HomoErotiCon was only a conference. Just four days. Nothing more than a long weekend. Hooked from the first moment he picked up his first gay romance novel, Sampson Pruitt fantasized about living a life like the ones he read about on the page. The novels made him hope he might be able to truly break free, and discover the courage to leave the secrecy of his life. Maybe even meet the author of his dreams. Just four days. For this Fan Boy, four days might be enough to change everything.

Caught Between a Cock and a Hard Dom by J.P. Barnaby
Brandon Lennox doesn't like people. When his lover and Dom signs him up for an author conference in Austin, Texas, his social anxiety goes into overdrive.

Well, until the hot boy in the tight little Robin costume shows them both just how much of a boy wonder he is.

Fan Service by William Cooper
Author Josh Austin loves going to conventions all the time, especially HomeErotiCon. But those weekends take their toll on the introverted author. Normally used to curling up alone to toil away at his books, it’s always a complete change of pace having to be “on” for all the readers and fellow authors.

But when an overeager fan crawls under his table at the signing, he can’t say no. When Carlisle begins to unzip his pants, Josh lets loose for once in his life, living like the characters straight out of one of his books. Where else would this horny twink lead him?

Muse by Ethan Stone
Micah Shea is nursing a broken heart when he arrives at HomoErotiCon. He just wants to chill out, have fun and get laid a time or two. The weekend starts out well with a fun encounter with a bellhop and an invite to an orgy. However, at the party Micah’s world is turned upside down when he sees a man who is the exact embodiment of a dream he had years ago—the guy who became his muse and the star of his books.

At first Micah is drawn to Trevor because of the resemblance, but the more Micah gets to know Trevor the more he genuinely likes him. The sex is awesome but they have more than just a physical connection.

It all goes to hell when Trevor learns the truth and Micah has to convince him he isn’t a stalker—before the end of the conference.

Dani's rating:

Listen up: If you're in the mood for HOT and RAUNCHY, order this one TO GO and get the toys ready.

Because every story in this collection is PORNY as hell. Forget love and romance and HEAs. Nope, not going to find that here.

York's Family Lines is the only one that tried to be serious, and it was my least favorite (too much angst and attempted plot for such a short story).

Blog Tour: Love and the Real Boy by JK Hogan (@jk_hogan)

Today we welcome JK Hogan's latest book

Love and The Real Boy 
(Coming About #2)


How­­ much heartache can one man take before he breaks? Rich Langston asks himself that question every day.
A Seattle advertising exec who uses his designer suit and showy car like a suit of armor, Rich refuses to let the world get to him. His traumatic childhood has ruined any faith he had in people, friendship, and love. After a meltdown that led to him alienating everyone in his life, Rich agrees to help with the restoration of an antique sailboat as a form of penance.
Roped into heading up with the boat repair by his mother, marine restorer Patrick O’Dowd finds himself having to babysit a moody, spoiled rich boy with absolutely no carpentry experience. His easy-going nature is sorely tested, but he quickly realizes that things are not always what they seem; sometimes a fancy suit is nothing but an elaborate deflection from what’s real.
Through unavoidable personality clashes and fierce attraction, both Rich and Patrick explore their hidden pain and inner demons, and they end up finding with what really matters—love.


ARC Review: Out in the Open by A.J. Truman


College sophomore Ethan Follett never says what’s on his mind and never wants to rock the boat. After a high school social life spent anonymous and alone, things are finally falling into place for him. He’s found a group of friends just as studious as he, and is on track for a promising legal career. Out in the open, things couldn’t be better, but secretly Ethan yearns for some real excitement in his life.

He finds it in cocky fratboy Greg Sanderson, who challenges every rigid, preconceived notion Ethan lives by. Soon, their sparring relationship turns sexual, and these enemies-with-benefits get their freak on all over campus. Yet the more Ethan comes out of his shell, the more Greg retreats into his, working overtime to keep his ladies man public persona intact. As the sex gets hotter, and they get closer to getting caught, one part of their arrangement can’t stay hidden any longer: love.

Dani's rating:

New author? I KNOW. It's always such a risk, but I'm vouching for this one. A.J. Truman is a pro. Out in the Open is well written with easy prose and good pacing. It kept me reading. And smiling.

Starting college means starting over. You have a chance to become someone else, or maybe just a new-and-improved version of you. The problem is that Ethan doesn't know who he is. Even as a sophomore, he doesn't really fit in. He dares not rock the boat. He's a bit dull and scheduled. He misses the moment in his quest for the ideal.

And then Ethan sits next to frat boy Greg in Constitutional Law and at some point grabs Greg's crotch (!) just to get Greg to shut the fuck up.

The two begin a hot 'n' heavy affair. They go at it in empty offices, at the movies, and in the theater during orchestra rehearsal. They are young, and they are horny, and the naughty just keeps on coming and coming and...(why, yes, pun intended).

It's all fun and games until their DIRTY LITTLE SECRET becomes not so little, and not so secret.

Spotlight: Dare To Kiss by SB Alexander (@samijolien)

Today we welcome SB Alexander's new book

Dare To Kiss


Besides her family, Lacey Robinson’s only other love is baseball. She’s on top of the world when Arizona State University approaches her to discuss a scholarship. To be the first girl ever to grace a college boys’ team is beyond what she has ever dreamed. Her fastball is impeccable, her curveball equally as good, and her slider annihilates anyone who dares to step in the batter’s box. But fate has its own way of throwing curveballs.
When she looses her mother and sister to a home invasion, baseball and her dreams die with them. Tragedy has a way of seeping deep into her psyche, causing nightmares, panic attacks and blackouts. Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, her psychiatrist recommends a change of scenery and picking up the things that she loved to do, and for Lacey that is baseball.

After a move clear across the country, only two things matter to Lacey—overcome her PTSD and make Kensington High’s baseball team. However, she never counted on meeting someone who wants her as badly as Kade Maxwell. The tall, sexy and drool-worthy bad boy has a magical touch that awakens her feminine side, and a kiss that slowly erases her nightmares. But getting involved with him may be dangerous when Kade’s nemesis returns to town to settle a vendetta. To complicate matters, her PTSD has taken a turn for the worse. She has to find a way to heal otherwise she may not have a chance at anything in life, especially love.

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About the author:

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ARC Review: Summer Lover by BG Thomas

Summer Lover (Seasons of Love Book 2) - B.G. Thomas
From the blurb:

Seasons of Love: Book Two

Scott Aberdeen doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or God. Or love—at least, he knows no one will ever love him. After all, he has carried a torch for his best friend Sloan for a decade, hoping his feelings will be returned one day. But when Sloan finds springtime love with another man, Scott’s fantasies are crushed and his skepticism confirmed.

Cedar Carrington, raised by rock star parents, leads a free-spirited, nomadic life, never staying in one place for long. Due to a dark past he refuses to share or even think about, he is willing to let men into his bed for sex, but never for the night.

When Scott finds himself camping in the middle of nowhere with over a hundred men who all believe in love—and faeries and a magickal gay brotherhood—he's pretty sure he’s in the wrong place. And when Cedar connects with cynical, critical Scott, he wonders how he could be falling in for this man of all men. But hearts and lives have been transformed at the Heartland Men’s Festival before, and it might be just the place where two very different men can release their pain and find true love at last.

Sandra's rating:

Having read and loved the first book in this new series by B.G. Thomas, I was salivating for this installment, to find out more about Scott (he who's hung up on Sloan from book 1) and watch how he deals with that. The blurb promised all kinds of fun, and I wasn't disappointed in the least by this book.

See, Scott is convinced that he'll never find love. Nobody will ever love him - case in point, his best friend Sloan, for whom he's carried a torch for 10 years. Initially, Scott comes across as a whiny, self-pitying kind of ass, who feels like he has to compete with his friends, but doesn't realize that they like him for who he is. But B.G. Thomas being the fabulous writer he is, the reader is also able to feel the lack of self-confidence, the despair Scott experiences and the pitiful way he sees himself.

Then Wyatt (remember him from the first book?) convinces Scott to join him at the yearly Heartland Festival, where lots of men from all kinds of different walks of life come together to commune with each other and nature, where all judgments are left at the gate, and where Scott finally has the scales fall from his eyes.

The festival is also where we meet Cedar Carrington, the "Jockster", who has secrets of his own and who isn't willing to let anyone tie him down.

Things get hot and heavy quickly between Scott and Cedar, but both of them still have lessons to learn. This is also the part where the side characters play a huge role, and with the exception of one, I thought they were all wonderful. That one exception being Howard, Wyatt's boyfriend. I haven't had such a violent negative reaction to a single character in a while, but this man made me want to reach into the book and throttle him. He's vile, and undeserving of a beautiful soul like Wyatt, and I can only hope that the next book in this series sees Howard out on his ass and Wyatt finding a good man who loves him as he is and doesn't stray.

Anyhoo, I loved this. It didn't reach 5 stars because the beginning was hard on me, what with Scott whining and feeling like a loser, and that part grated. But of course B.G. Thomas did have his reasons for this, and the rest of the book flew by. I couldn't help but root for them, couldn't stop smiling when they finally get it, couldn't stop reading until it was done.

ARC Review: Stand By You by A.M. Arthur

Stand By You (Belonging #3)
From the blurb:

Three months after his rescue from an abusive boyfriend, twenty-two-year-old Romy Myers has landed his first legitimate job bussing tables at his friend's new coffee shop. The job has brought him some stability after years of abuse have left him feeling damaged and broken. He's working hard on his panic and social anxiety, and those things are often tempered by the big, burly presence of Brendan Walker.From the moment ex-football player Brendan helped rescue Romy from his ex's abuse, he's wanted to protect him. And he does, from a distance, with joking text messages, a new gym routine to toughen him up and a genuine friendship. So far it's been easy but Brendan's feelings aren't just friendly anymore…
When an argument spirals out of control, a hot and heavy make-out session causes Romy's friendship with supposedly straight Brendan to reach a new level. The last thing Romy wants is to fall for another guy who could potentially shatter him, but Brendan also wakes up a part of him he thought had been destroyed by violence his heart.

Heather's rating:

Very sweet Out-For-You story but a little over-the-top for my tastes.

I've been dying for this story ever since we met Romy. Poor Romy has had it rough, man. He's been used and abused so many times that I've lost count. I was really rooting for a fabulous story for him, and was salivating at the idea that big, strong Brendan could be his love interest.

In terms of the "aww factor," this book does pretty well. Brendan is irresistibly adorable in his love for Romy, and the slow way that their relationship developed over time was really well done. Romy and Brendan obviously cared deeply for one another, and I really got a sense of their connection. I also love, and I mean LOVE, gay first-timers, so Brendan going at it with Romy was a sight for sore eyes.

However, I did have some issues. Romy was a bit one note for me. He was sort of broken and forlorn as a character, and I almost viewed him as an abused child versus as a man in need of healing. He didn't seem like an adult in many ways, and Brendan almost seemed like a protector/father figure, which didn't work for me. In that same vein, the sex scenes seemed a little off for me. Less hot and more... careful? Something wasn't all there.

Blog Tour: Foundation of Trust / Stand By You by AM Arthur

Today we welcome AM Arthur's 

Foundation Of Trust and Stand By You

Samhain Publishing

David Weller thought he had it all—a loving partner who gave him a ring, a steady job he didn't hate, and so much hope for the future. But in the wake of a devastating diagnosis, everything he thought was solid and real lay in pieces at his feet. Four years later, he’s still sifting through the rubble of his life. His catering partnership occupies his days, while his nights are filled with dangerous sexual hookups and very bad decisions. Then the last person he ever expected to see again walks back into his life.
Owen Hart's single biggest regret is the way he was forced to leave David behind—no explanations, no chance to make it right. Until now. Finally free of eight years of lies, Owen's back for the only man he's ever loved. An incendiary encounter in a club proves that time hasn't weakened their physical connection, but David's wounds run deeper than Owen's deception. And if David can’t first forgive, Owen doesn’t have a second chance in hell.
Warning: This book contains an Australian transplant with a head full of secrets, a party planner with enough baggage to sink a battleship, and a surly teenager who just wants them both to get over themselves.


A shadow drifted across Owen's face—the same shadow that had been there almost constantly that first year. An angry shadow that had diminished under the brilliance of their love for each other. "We had to, me and my son both. Michael was born Benjamin Hadley Swenson."

"But why?" David needed to know why he'd been lied to for so long. Why he'd fallen in love with a man whose name he never really knew.

"To protect us from the man who killed Michael's mother and grandfather."

"You told me his mother was killed during a home invasion."

"I used parts of the truth to fashion the lie. Makes it easier to remember. She was killed by a man who had no business in that house, but he wasn't there to rob anyone. He was a dangerous man, and I did what I had to do to protect my son."

Get the book:

Carina Press

Three months after his rescue from an abusive boyfriend, twenty-two-year-old Romy Myers has landed his first legitimate job—bussing tables at his friend’s new coffee shop. The job has brought him some stability after years of abuse have left him feeling damaged and broken. He's working hard on his panic and social anxiety, and those things are often tempered by the big, burly presence of Brendan Walker.

From the moment ex-football player Brendan helped rescue Romy from his ex’s abuse, he's wanted to protect him. And he does, from a distance, with joking text messages, a new gym routine to toughen him up and a genuine friendship. So far it's been easy—but Brendan's feelings aren't just friendly anymore...

When an argument spirals out of control, a hot and heavy make-out session causes Romy’s friendship with supposedly straight Brendan to reach a new level. The last thing Romy wants is to fall for another guy who could potentially shatter him, but Brendan also wakes up a part of him he thought had been destroyed by violence—his heart.


Blogtour: Bad Things by Varian Krylov

Displaying BadThings600x600Banner.jpg

Today we welcome Varian Krylov's 

Bad Things


Xavier makes a lot of people nervous. The rest, he flat-out scares. More than his hulking, tattooed body, it's his predator's gaze that makes people feel vulnerable, as if he had the power to read their thoughts and see their soul. For his lovers, it's Xavier's ravenous appetite for all things carnal—for the taste of flesh under his tongue and the feel of a trembling body under his control, for whispered pleas and muffled cries—that makes him dangerous.
But recently, driven by a festering rage against the men who attacked his sister a decade ago, Xavier has developed a taste for a different kind of hunt and conquest: stalking men who do truly bad things and punishing the predators he sniffs out. The problem with vigilante justice, though, is sometimes the man in your trap is innocent.
Carson suspects he's playing a risky game with dangerous men. But the lies are convincing, especially when they're slipped to him among hundred dollar bills. He never guessed how big and dark the secret hidden under all the lies and money could be. And he has no idea he's not the predator, but the prey, until it's too late.
And you can't beg for mercy when there's a gag in your mouth.
But when Carson escapes from Xavier's trap, he's forced to accept that Xavier is far from his most dangerous enemy. Xavier may even hold the key to overcoming the painful past that has kept Carson prisoner for almost two decades.


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ARC Review: Red Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Red Blooded (Jessica McClain, #4)
From the blurb:

Jessica is on her way to Hell. After settling a fragile truce between the vampires, werewolves and witches, the last thing Jessica wants to do is face the demons head on. But when the Prince of Hell kidnapped her brother, he set into motion a chain of events that even Jessica doesn't have the power to stop.
Now, Jessica must go into battle again. But Hell is a whole new beast... new rules, more dangerous demons, and an entirely foreign realm. And when Jessica is dropped into the Underworld too soon, without protection or the help of her friends, she must figure out just how powerful she can be... or she will never make it out alive.

Heather's rating:

Another fun story by Amanda Carlson, whose Jessica McClain series has wormed its way into my heart. I was not a huge fan of Cold Blooded, book 3 in the series, and so this was a comeback story for me. And it was an intense thrill ride all the way through.

What this author does exceedingly well is world-building. The imagination that she has is off the charts! The demon world that this author created was creepy and intense and totally awesome.

I think the highlight of this story was the action. This plot was a mad dash all the way through, and I loved the excitement of it, the energy. It was very strong and very engaging.

But the story wasn't all perfect. The relationship between Jessica and Rourke always leaves me wanting more. They have so much chemistry and potential but they get so little page time as a couple. And what is with people interrupting them right when they are going to get down to business? Poor guys, they never get to have any fun.

Another issue that I had is that Jessica is becoming one of those super-heroines that I sometimes see in urban fantasy, the ones that are powerful and unstoppable to the point where it becomes excessive. A little vulnerability can be a good thing.

ARC Review: Bedtime Stories by Assorted Authors

Bedtime StoriesFrom the blurb:

From supernatural tales of intrigue to a curious modern romance, a thoroughly British relationship and a classic fairytale all twisted up, Bedtime Stories is a collection of short stories designed to be read one at a time, at bedtime. Let us wish you goodnight with gay romances that are sure to leave you ready for a night of sweet, lingering dreams. 

Heather's rating:

"Whiskey Wishes" by Anna Martin- 3.5 stars
What a sweet short! It is really hard to create chemistry and romance in a story of this length, but Anna Martin does it. I loved the setting (Irish countryside) and the sweet chemistry between the two MCs. Very light on the sex, but a cute story overall. I enjoyed this one.

"Flickers" by Tia Fielding- 2.5 stars
I liked the idea behind this story but the MC and I never meshed. Ben was a sort of unlikable characters, with his hate-on for flamboyant gay men while he is okay with more burly gay men. I guess Ben was sort of in the closet but his disdain for stereotypical gay men rubbed me the wrong way. The concept of the story had me hooked but I was scrunching my nose in annoyance a lot of the time.

"Click Your Heels Three Times" by Blaine D. Arden- 3 stars
A creative, cute, sex-free fantasy story. If magic and high fantasy kings and lords are your thing, you'll enjoy this one. A little overreaching for a story of this length, I still liked the imagination behind this short.

Frangipani Kisses" by Liam Livings- 2 stars
I should probably give this fewer stars because I DNFed this, which is terrible considering it is only about 30 pages long. This was rough for me. Super British, not really a romance, dated feeling, just not my taste at all.

"Charmed" by M.J. O'Shea- 4 stars
Really cute story about a jaded NYC bartender feeling an undeniable spark with a hipster, ginger boy. Sweet and sex-free, this was romantic and took place in my neck of the woods. I would have loved to read about this in novel-format but I think it worked well as a short. Very nice.

"Torch" by Kit Mullender- 5 stars
Wow, who is this author and why doesn't she write more! This was the best story in the collection thus far and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I loved everything about it, from the doctor plot-line (YES!) to the sexual tension to the music. Great atmosphere- I could practically feel the heat and sweat. It was just awesome overall and worth the price of the collection just for this one story.

Audiobook ARC Review: The Trouble With Elves by Therese Woodson

The Trouble With ElvesFrom the blurb:

Cal Martin loathes Christmas music, especially the clich├ęd carols pumped through the mall speakers on endless loop. Even worse is the holiday-themed hell of Santa's Village that looms right in front of the sports store he manages. It's yet another hurdle for Cal as he tries to survive the world of retail during the soul-sucking holiday season… until he catches a glimpse of one of Santa's elves and becomes infatuated with the cheery, gorgeous guy dressed in candy-cane tights. 
Of course, just walking up to the guy and asking him out isn't easy, and a botched attempt at matchmaking ends up turning a simple courtship into a mess for the gossip page. What can Cal do to overcome his social ineptitude, correct erroneous assumptions, and maybe have a merry little Christmas of his own?

Heather's rating:

This little gem is the perfect way to spend a couple of hours.

I'm a sucker for an adorable holiday story, and this totally fit the bill. I had a huge goofy grin on my face the entire time I was listening.

This is a simple, cute story about a ex-jock finding romance while working at the mall. The chemistry between the two MCs was "awww"-worthy, and Cal and his brother were winning combination. It was just the kind of story that wiggles into your heart and gives you those warm, fuzzy feelings.

And the narrator, newbie Ryan Kennard Burke, did an awesome job! He was age-appropriate sounding and did a fantastic job with the range of voices. Very nicely done.

All in all, you can't go wrong with this one. It is the perfect story for Christmas-time, or if you don't mind people looking at you like you're crazy because you are singing carols in September.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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ARC Review: A Working Man (Men of Manhattan 4) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion


How­­ much heartache can one man take before he breaks? Rich Langston asks himself that question every day.

Matthew Hawke’s professional life is soaring as high the powerful bird of prey whose image is inked on his back. He’s at the top of his game as the owner of an advertising agency that is scooping up prime accounts like a mighty hawk wrapping its talons around an unfortunate ground rodent. Yes, work is good. Too bad his love life has more in common with the dying rodent than the triumphant hawk. When the thought of a sexy man trumps actually being with a sexy woman, Matthew thinks it might be time for a change. And there IS a gorgeous man at the gym he’s noticed.

Drakon Mavros is working his shapely ass off to make ends meet. His administrative assistant job at a messenger service is steady, but the money he gets from his more creative job pays most of the bills. An ex-boyfriend took his confidence, his trust and his self-esteem and Drakon is afraid to take another chance at love. When an adorably goofy man at his gym actually hurts himself trying to flirt with him, Drakon can’t resist falling under Matt’s spell. He makes Drakon feel good about himself again and praises his artistic talent – neither of which his ex ever did.

As the men begin to fall for one another, it appears nothing can go wrong – they seem to be soul mates. Secrets and lies can crack even the firmest foundation, though. It takes a true master to shore it up so that it never crumbles. Is love the mortar that can restore trust and faith and bind men forever? Only time will tell. Can Drakon and Matt take that chance?

Dani's rating:

Take common sense, critical thinking, and everything you know about how the world and relationships work. Stuff 'em in a box. And throw away the key.

Done? Excellent.

Now you can properly enjoy this book.

Matthew Hawke, the boss of Hawke Advertising, can no longer get it up or keep it hard for a woman. In desperation, he calls a porno line, but ends up dialing a gay sex line by accident (this was the first of many such coincidences and misunderstandings); the voice of the sexy Drake reels him in, and Matthew introduces himself as Roy, pouring on the Southern accent.

In the meantime, in a galaxy right around the corner, Matthew meets the handsome Drakon at the gym. But...WAIT...those names are so similar? And both Drake/Drakon love Twinkies?

HEY, remember: screw LOGIC!

ARC Review: All in a Day's Work (Anthology)


A guy’s got to make a living. He can do it the conventional way—by selling cars, scooping ice cream, or delivering sandwiches—or he can earn his money as a spy, a historical interpreter, or the host of a myth-busting television show. Whether the men in this anthology are working hard to build their own business or performing in drag at a dance hall, every day has the potential for surprises and the chance to satisfy their lust or maybe find something more permanent. For the guys in these stories, what’s all in a day’s work might be anything but what they expected.

Dani's rating:

This is a well-written, fun anthology with a "work" theme: chefs, spies, TV personalities, delivery guys, men in costumes, and men in dresses. Most of the stories are contemporary, with one, Unmasked, set in the future and one, Dance Hall Days, set in the past.

Most were plenty steamy, and one, Not Quite 1776, was downright porny. A couple even had a HEA! There was sex in a tent, sex in a car, and sex in a dark closet.

Rounded up to 4 stars, because what's not to love about that?

Review of each story below:

Friday, September 26, 2014

Kindle Weekly Deals~ Week of 9/20/14- 9/29/14

"Scorpion" by Aleksandr Voinov- M/M, fantasy romance~ Price drop to $0.99!

"All In With The Duke" by Ava March- M/M, historical romance~ Price drop to $0.99!

"Veiled Innocence" by Ella Frank- NA, contemporary romance~ Price drop to $0.99!

"The Greatest Knight" by Elizabeth Chadwick- Adult, historical fiction~ Price drop to $2.99!

"Salty Aftertaste" by Jason Lloyd- M/M, contemporary romance~ Price drop to $0.99!

"Past Hurts" by Jesse G.- M/M, contemporary romance~ Price drop to $0.99!

"Sweet Addiction" by J. Daniels- NA, contemporary romance~ Price drop to FREE!

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