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ARC Double Review: Stalking the Hygienist (Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly) by Jackie Nacht


This lion shifter will go to any length to get his deer shifting hygienist, including going to the dentist. Bring on the nitrous oxide!

Beauregard made a mistake... a horrible mistake. Now embarrassed,he focuses on what he loves most, working as a hygienist at Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly.

As soon as Sergei saw Beauregard coming up to his meat counter, he fell hard for the deer shifter. The only problem is Beauregard is running from him. Being the lion shifter he is, Sergei decides to take matters into his own hand and goes hunting. However, Sergei never imagined he would have to face his worst fear and choke down a salad.What's it going to take to make Beauregard his?
Dani's rating:

This was cute...for all of two chapters. Then the flat prose and complete lack of world building and relationship development began to annoy me.

Various animal shifters live in a community isolated from humans, yet they have cell phones and take out loans on houses; how does that work exactly? The economy seems to revolve around restaurants, a bake shop, a dental office, and a grocery store. As lovely as this small town life sounds, if I'm going to read a story about shifters I need the author to help me suspend disbelief.

Sergei, a lion shifter, pursues Beauregard, a deer shifter. We're not told why exactly. Beauregard hesitates for all of two minutes before giving in. There's no tension, no build-up, and zero chemistry between the MCs. The couple from the first book is mentioned, but I don't think they say even one sentence to each other.

Some of the interactions and talk of other shifters and their personalities was funny, but you can't build a book on that alone. We only glean the surface of this town and these characters, and the choppy, awkward writing surely didn't help the story along.

My favorite part? Sergie the lion's meat of choice is venison.

Heather's rating:


I wanted more dentistry!

(I'm probably the only person to make that complaint so feel free to disregard it!)

This book was a little strange. It was a sugary sweet insta-love book with a menagerie of shifters and almost no plot to speak of. I'm not even sure what the point of this book was, to be honest. It wasn't bad just vacuous.

I think this story could have been really great if the characters and the setting was more developed. I wanted to know much more about the MCs other than what kinds of foods they like to eat (oddly, that was a BIG focus in the story). I didn't feel like I connected with Sergei or Beauregard at all and I wasn't sure what drove them together, other then the fact that Sergei said they were "mates".

I see potential for this series but this book missed the mark for me.

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