Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Review: Just Like You, by Zoe Lynne

From the blurb:

Evan is a good guy with high aspirations, a mother who loves him unconditionally and the hottest boyfriend ever. Evan also has a secret he has to come clean about before he goes all the way. Evan has to tell Blake he has HIV. Blake is a member of Overton High's elite drumline and loves life, but he still hides his sexuality from everyone outside of his and Evan's little bubble. He's ready to have sex but not ready to be out. How will Blake react? Will their love be strong or will their story come to an end?

AnnaLund's rating:

An extremely sweet story about a young boy telling his boyfriend about his illness. In only very few pages we are presented with both full and rounded characters, of which the mother is probably one of the coolest so far this year. Go mom!

—this short story is a part of the Safe Sex Project, which encourages safe sex among gay and bi male teenagers and twentysomethings. Find more free stories there!
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