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Author of the Month - Garrett Leigh - Day Two

Welcome to our second week of celebrating 

the super amazing

Today's post will focus on Garrett's latest release

Rare (Roads) - Garrett Leigh

and the free short (a missing moment)

Freed (Roads, #2.5)

Blurb for RARE:

Paramedic Pete Adams lived through the year from hell watching his lover, Ash, fall apart, and the precarious balance between work and home is becoming more strained. His heart is always home, with Ash, but the dark side to his job is weighing him down.

Tattoo artist Ash Fagin is recovering from a nervous breakdown triggered by revelations about his traumatic childhood. His battle with mental illness is far from over, but with Pete by his side, he's feeling good again, so good he doesn’t notice something missing until it walks right into his living room.

Ash believes he’s had enough coincidence in his life, but when a voice from the past comes looking for him, it takes the devastating injuries of the one he loves most to convince him to let a ghost become the family he never knew he wanted.

Sandra's review:

I cried and I held my breath and I smiled and I hoped.

Strength and Faith.

This book takes the reader on an intense emotional rollercoaster ride, no doubt about it. Pete's and Ash's struggles continue, in their relationship and with others. Both of them are still flawed and imperfect, but the realism with which they are depicted is outstanding. These two couldn't be more real if they were living next door to me.
The range of emotions the author put her characters (and me) through in this book ranged from fear to hope to grief to frustration to love. And where I might have thought Ash the weaker character, I couldn't have been more wrong. There's a quiet dignity to him that I didn't notice in Slide, and it shines in this book. Boy, does it shine.

Pete gets the short end of the stick here, at least for a long while. There's this big tragic thing that happens (I can't tell you what it is bc spoilers), and it almost completely derails the life that these two have built. Pete puts so much pressure on himself that it was sometimes painful to watch, and I wanted to help him shoulder his burdens. And while his breakdown didn't surprise me, what did was that Ash unbeknownst to me had grown into this pillar of strength I didn't expect to see. Where Pete falters in this book, Ash stays the course, steadily, quietly - and it was beautiful to watch.

Sure, he didn't go it alone, but boy - what a departure from the first book. He tried so hard to help Pete find his way back, slowly, step by step, and I was in awe of him the whole way through the pages.

The writing in this book is, while intense, also slightly tighter than the first one. Garrett Leigh draws beautiful pictures with her words, showing me through her characters' words and actions a wide range of emotions and thoughts. Rich, deeply explored characters including the supporting cast, with realistic, organic flaws - what more could anyone ask for?

By the end of the book, both Pete and Ash are finally free. They persevered, they found their way.

Strength and Faith.

Have you read this book? What did you think? And if you haven't, here's where to purchase it:


Get the free ebook of FREED from

About the author:

Garrett Leigh is a British writer and indie cover artist with a special interest in using the arts as catharsis in mental illness. Currently writing and designing for Dreamspinner Press, Loose ID and Extasy Books, she has a passion for darkly troubled heroes, tattoos and tales of enduring true love…not necessarily in that order.

Garrett is a lazy person at heart. She enjoys terrorising her husband and generally wasting as much time as possible.

If there were a degree in doing sweet FA, perhaps she'd have stayed at school a little while longer...

You can find Garrett here


And for this week, Garrett is offering an e-copy of RARE to three lucky readers!

Please come back next week for a Q&A with Garrett (because we be nosy) and more about her Bones series. See you then!!

** I was provided a free ARC from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **


  1. Please consider me to the Giveaway! This blurb sounds so good ;)

  2. I'd love to win! I'm planning to read Slide as soon as I finish my current read. -Valerie C

  3. Count me in. I'm adding the first book to my GR shelves now--it sounds so good!

    (This is Kelly "Maybedog" Hawkins from GR/Affairs of M/Men from Booklikes)

  4. Woo! Thank you so much for taking part <3

  5. I haven't read it yet. Maybe I should start reading it. Very interesting. Great review. Thank you for the post.

  6. This series is on my to read lis. Many of my friends have had good things to say about it.


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