Saturday, February 15, 2014

ARC Review: The Saucy Minx, by Manda Olie

From the blurb:

With a touch of the magic that gives his recipes a culinary kick, Jack Killian has been running his restaurant, the Saucy Minx, for nearly a decade—almost as long as there’s been a spell out there promising to knock him off his feet should he ever meet the other half of his whole. Each day Jack delights his clientele by magically imbuing his food with taste and emotion, even as he slowly loses hope that the man of his dreams even exists. But when he hires a new dessert manager, his whole life turns upside-down, because his dream man does exist—and he just strolled into the restaurant on someone else’s arm. While conducting business as usual, Jack struggles through what it means when destiny hands you the perfect man on a platter you’re not allowed to touch.

AnnaLund's rating:

A little magic, a little cooking, a little m/m-romance. Order any dish you want, with the added bonus of magic infusion, if needed… The “special orders” for a few, select customers.

Sounded like right up my alley. Unfortunately, I was quite underwhelmed.

A novella of some 60 pages, and as such, it felt rushed. There is a heart-beat to a novella that must be kept, or it all falls to shambles. There were too many pieces thrown in, pieces that got no resolution. I mean, what small restaurant has a dessert-manager?

The names of the characters were so similar (Jack? Nick? Rich?) and the characters themselves were so flat and one-dimensional, I had trouble keeping them apart.

The whole first part of the story, Jack (I think) is pining and sad and wants his man to appear, feeling he is growing old waiting for him (he is thirty-something *gasp*), so I was quite angry with Jack when the one-true-love-of-his-life FINALLY stands in his restaurant—he flees the scene?

It was a cute idea, but sloppily put together.


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