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Book Review: A Family Christmas for Wake & Cody by D.C. Williams

A Family Christmas for Wake & Cody
From the blurb:
Best friends since kindergarten, Wake and Cody are starting their new lives together. If they can survive Christmas.

Wake Zakrewski's huge and lively family has always treated Cody like another son. Now that the two best friends are lovers, will that change? Or will this Christmas be the very best one? And is Wake and Cody's the only new romance in the family

Heather's rating:

A sweet holiday story, even if it felt like the middle of a longer book.

I'm a fan of D.C. Williams and I've made it my mission to snatch up all of her stuff. This was another good story from her, though it won't be making my favorites lists.

Wake and Cody have a childhood friends-to-lovers sort of relationship. The story is told mainly in the present, where they are established couple, with flashbacks of them getting together. I enjoyed the dynamic between Wake and Cody. They are both a little rough around the edges, and I liked seeing them come together and find their footing as a couple.

The majority of the story is the two of them coming out to their families and experiencing the holidays together. While I found the family dynamics sort of charming, all of the characters and side relationships was a bit confusing and cluttered for a novella. I wanted more of just the two MCs so I could see what they meant to each other with less of the family drama involved. I also found Wake to be sort of puzzlingly, borderline offensive with some of his comments and I would have liked to see that addressed more.

ARC Review: Secrets and Charms by Lou Harper

Secrets and Charms (Secrets, #2)

One hot ginger. One cool blond. The result is anything but lukewarm.
Out and proud from a tender age, Olly Blackwood is content with life in LA, working at a Hollywood gourmet grocery. There's only one thing missing: romance. He's had his fill of casual hook-ups. He wants a man for keeps, and he wants sparks.
He certainly gets them when he meets Rich Willson, who has the stormy temper to go with his fiery hair. But is he keeper material? He might be if only he'd come out of the closet.
After losing his disapproving father, his job, his girlfriend, and pretty much all his money, Rich packed up his secrets and moved to his actress sister s house to regroup and help her renovate. He doesn't like the curmudgeon he s become, but something about the perpetually cheerful Olly rubs him in a way that should be wrong, yet feels pretty damned right.
Over paint buckets and sanding tools, Rich finds Olly getting deeper under his skin. But when an altercation with a paparazzo comes back to haunt him, he finds that sordid Hollywood secrets can be murder maybe his own.
Warning: Contains a hot-tempered ginger, a cool-headed blond, redecorating shenanigans, and sordid Hollywood secrets. Happy ending guaranteed or your ticket price refunded.

Rosa's rating:


Sometimes amidst all my squeeing over the latest Calmes or Cardeno I forget to squee over the latest Lou Harper.

Okay, that's a lie. I do squee but it's a deeper, more mature squee. It's a squee with layers, y'know?

Of course, you do.

But fuck layers. There's a ginger in this book. A GINGAH.

Better yet, the ginger is my favorite type of character--the Mr. Grouchy-Grumpy-Crabby Pants who has no intention of falling in luuurve. Harper does this type of character really well and I always look forward reuniting with him, and seeing what kind of twist she adds, in her new books.

But I wasn't so sure Rich, our ginger MC, was really grumpy, grouchy or crabby or just an asshole. Rich has lost his job, his wife, his friends and he compensates by being a dick. Okay, okay, it's more complicated than that--Rich has layers as well. Still, there's some assholage going on. Especially towards sweet Olly, our other MC. I spent about half the book worried I would never warm up to Rich and Harper wouldn't be able to (at least somewhat) realistically pull-off a guy coming out of the closet while forming a relationship with another guy.

Best of 2014

Welcome to our yearly Best Of Round-up for

We had a very busy year. Between Heather, Anna, Rosa, Dani, Todd and Sandra, we read over 1,000 books. Picking the top five for each of us wasn't an easy task, but after much hair-pulling and hand-wringing and crying "oh no, just five?", we whittled down our lists to the books below.

And now, without further ado, here are our choices for 
Best Books we read in 2014:

Dani's Top Five:

The Shearing Gun by Renae Kaye

Motel. Pool by Kim Fielding

A Forbidden Rumspringa by Keira Andrews

Heather's Top Five:

Dirty Deeds by Rhys Ford

The Mating Of Michael by Eli Easton

Flat Out Celeste by Jessica Park

Rosa's Top Five:

The Mating of Michael by Eli Easton

Sweetwater by Lisa Henry

Boystown 6: From The Ashes by Marshall Thornton

Perfect Imperfections by Cardeno C.

Anna's Top Five:

Fairy by C. Kennedy

Recovery by Con Riley

The Most Beautiful Words by Raine O'Tierney

Ethan, Who Loved Carter by Ryan Loveless

Todd's Top Five:

The Tinder Chronicles by Alexa Land

The Art Of Breathing by T.J. Klune

Broken Pieces by Riley Hart

Trouble & The Wallflower by Kade Boehme

Sandra's Top Five:

The Art Of Breathing by T.J. Klune

Recovery by Con Riley

Then The Stars Fall by Brandon Witt

Only Love by Garrett Leigh

The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick

Thank you for visiting us this year. We wish you lots of great books in 2015, and hope that you'll join us again for reviews, books and more.

Until then, happy reading!!

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Book Review: Red Rogue by Evan Gilbert

Red Rogue (Brown-Eyed Devil, #2)Blurb:

Sequel to Brown-Eyed Devil
Necromancer Anoki doesn't understand his deep love for Myron. They have only known each other a few days, but it feels like they have loved each other for a lifetime. Because of the curse that transforms Myron into an uncontrollable monster, Anoki had no choice but to condemn him to hell. Now the only way he can reunite with Myron is to track down the person who placed that curse and remove it.

But Anoki’s quest leads him to long hidden family secrets and draws the attention of demonic forces determined to stop him. Slowly the true nature of his relationship with Myron comes to light, and that places him in a final confrontation with the deadliest obstacle standing between them—his merciless, powerful mother.

Todd's rating:

Supernatural Sci-Fi Nerd Alert in 3... 2... 1... Go!

This one was a bit like following around an entire herd of 4 year olds. Hopped up on sugar. At an amusement park. On the 4th of July. Wheee, wheee, wheee!!!

Don't get me wrong, after loving the first book, Brown-Eyed Devil , this one was just as action-packed and exciting. Probably even more so, now that I think about it. Lots of demons this time.

However... The first book felt a bit better laid out, while this plot line seemed to come at you like one of those rocket launchers they use at batting cages to hurtle baseballs at your head. So yeah, a bit Michael Bay on crack at times.

I loved, loved, LOVED finding out more info as to why Anoki was so completely enamored Myron though, with my favorite part of the book being where Anoki got his memories back. The ones that filled in all of the blanks surrounding Myron and a (future/past/alternate/hell-if-i-know) life that they had once built together. *tingles*

And meet the parents? God, not even going to go there or I'll word vomit out a 7 page outline of the book for you, so let's just say that dear old Dad, plotting to kill both Anoki and his (yep, *evil twin*) brother, was not as bad as he seemed.

But Mommy "Chaos" Dearest? She was unimaginably worse. And then some. And then some more.

Myron was still my favorite character, with his constant bit of snark:

        "Lady, I’m gonna kick your ass up over your shoulders.”


        “You’re one hell of a fighter.” Anoki smiled. “You are also very —”
        “Oh, don’t say ‘cute,’ for God’s sake! Guys treat me like I’m a fucking puppy. I’m not a puppy, goddammit!”

I was also really excited to see Pike back from the first book, this time as a muscled, hot assassin of God (a Rogue) with a really big hammer. Mmmm, Rogues with big hammers... : )

ARC Review: Off Campus by Amy Jo Cousins

Off Campus (Bend or Break, #1)From the blurb:

Everyone’s got secrets. Some are just harder to hide.

With his father’s ponzi scheme assets frozen, Tom Worthington believes finishing college is impossible unless he can pay his own way. After months sleeping in his car and gypsy-cabbing for cash, he’s ready to do just that.

But his new, older-student housing comes with an unapologetically gay roommate. Tom doesn’t ask why Reese Anders has been separated from the rest of the student population. He’s just happy to be sleeping in a bed.

Reese isn’t about to share his brutal story with his gruff new roommate. You’ve seen one homophobic jock, you’ve seen ’em all. He plans to drag every twink on campus into his bed until Tom moves out. But soon it becomes clear Tom isn’t budging.

Tom isn’t going to let some late-night sex noise scare him off, especially when it’s turning him on. But he doesn’t want any drama either. He’ll keep his hands, if not his eyes, to himself. Boundaries have a way of blurring when you start sharing truths, though. And if Tom and Reese cross too many lines, they may need to find out just how far they can bend…before they break.

Heather's rating:

I have a confession to make: I have a MAJOR kink for college boys.

Something about the college setting excites me to no end. Two guys living together, changing together, sleeping in the same room... it is just RIPE with possibilities! And the chances that a college story is a Gay-For-You is SUPER high. I mean, if a guy is going to swing the man-way, he might as well try it in college!

This book is more Out-For-You than GFY. Though Tom would have considered himself pretty straight, he was no stranger to the allure of a nice pair of male buns, as much as he tried to deny it to himself. However, I loved his "gay discovery" scenes and I adored every second of Tom getting his freak on with Reese.

Something to note about this book: It is angsty. Reese and Tom have major issues and have both been traumatized to various degrees in the past. They bring a whole room full of baggage to their relationship. Though I don't enjoy angst for angst's sake, I thought that the drama in this book was really well done. These guys had legitimate issues and I enjoyed how the author handled them. My heart broke over and over for these two guys, and I was addicted to finding out how they would get over their hurdles. In fact, I stayed up all night to finish this story.

Spotlight: Here Comes Trouble by A.E. Via

Today we shine the spotlight on A.E. Via's latest from the Nothing Special series

Here Comes Trouble


Detectives Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green are very good at their jobs. Being the enforcers for God and Day's notorious Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force causes the crazy duo to get into more trouble than they can often get out of. The pair never misses out on an opportunity to drive their Lieutenants crazy with their dangerous, reckless, and costly stunts, landing them in the hot seat in front God... often.
Ruxs and Green love their jobs and they don't mind the very demanding schedule that leaves them little time for socializing or dating. It was fine with them, they enjoyed hanging out with each other anyway.

However, most of the men in their close circle of friends and colleagues are pairing off and settling down. God has Day, Ro has Johnson, and their Sergeant Syn has Furious.

For the past several years, Ruxs has only sought out the advice and company of one person, his partner and best friend Green, and vice versa. Both of these alpha males are presumed straight, but neither can deny the heat that's building in their once 'just friends' relationship.


Ruxs tried to contain his anger. Green was making fun of something that had been costing him countless hours of sleep. Something that was serious to him. He should’ve been able to share his problems with his best friend and not be teased for it. He’d been around his partner for years, but since he hadn’t dated in so damn long, he was wondering why he was so content with simply being around Green. He rarely even looked at women. Sarah was a beautiful girl, he should’ve at least tried to score, even though they may not have gotten into a relationship, it was still okay to have friends with benefits.
Green was still chuckling at him. “Fuck you, man,” Ruxs growled.
“Aww. Now don’t go getting all sensitive.” Green went to rub his shoulder again but with lightning speed Ruxs gripped his wrist before he could touch him and squeezed it hard. Startled at the quick move, Green gritted his teeth, his other arm shooting up and catching a hold of the back of Ruxs neck, squeezing and pulling him towards him.
“Let go.” Green snarled in his face. Ruxs could smell the recent cup of coffee Green’d had on his breath, their faces were so close. Ruxs bared his own teeth and tightened his hold, but not as much as he could. His fingers dug hard into Green’s wrist, and Ruxs felt the pressure on his neck intensify to a dull ache. Green wasn’t trying to hurt him, either. Green pulled him in until their foreheads touched. His voice took on a tone that he rarely used. Finality. “Let go.”
Ruxs very slowly released the harsh grip on Green’s wrist. He felt like shit for doing that. Green had no idea what he was warring with inside. After a couple seconds the extreme pressure on his neck subsided, but Green didn’t let him pull back as he carefully rubbed the hot skin he’d been gripping.

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Book Review: Out in the Open by A.J. Truman

Out in the OpenBlurb:

Libraries are meant for studying – not sex.

College sophomore Ethan Follett never says what’s on his mind and never wants to rock the boat. After a high school social life spent anonymous and alone, things are finally falling into place for him. He’s found a group of friends just as studious as he, and is on track for a promising legal career. Out in the open, things couldn’t be better, but secretly Ethan yearns for some real excitement in his life.

He finds it in cocky fratboy Greg Sanderson, who challenges every rigid, preconceived notion Ethan lives by. Soon, their sparring relationship turns sexual, and these enemies-with-benefits get their freak on all over campus. Yet the more Ethan comes out of his shell, the more Greg retreats into his, working overtime to keep his ladies man public persona intact. As the sex gets hotter, and they get closer to getting caught, one part of their arrangement can’t stay hidden any longer: love.

Todd's rating:

 In my opinion, this story captures the very essence of college being the place where you finally spread your wings and grow into (at least the beginnings) of the person that you will eventually become. I had so many flashbacks to my own college days, it was sort of scary.

I felt an immediate connection with both Ethan and Greg, as I was sort of an amalgam of the two characters combined during my collegiate years.

I was more Ethan as a Freshman & Sophomore, being quiet and studious, longing for close friendships, but scared to let anyone know the real (pronounced "gay") me. [I may or may not have worn ties. *cringe*]

But I was definitely more Greg in my Junior & Senior years, joining a fraternity, finally loosening up a bit, drinking a lot and coming into my own. So no longer a GDI (fraternity-speak for "God Damned Independent"), I was at least more popular. [I may or may not have worn togas pretty regularly. *hiccup*]

But still, like Greg, no one really knew me at all and I was still (maybe even more) deathly afraid of acknowledging my attractions -- even to myself. Sad, lonely, depressing. Check, check, check.

So the book took me back to a place of experience that it may or may not take most readers, but I loved the story and deeply sympathized with the dilemmas on both sides of the Ethan and Greg coin.

The story of the uptight, nerdy law student and the infuriating, cocky frat boy may sound a bit cliché', but Truman definitely put a fresh, new spin on the genre.

I also found the supporting characters well written and welcomed, necessary additions to the story, each adding to the story line vs. just being distracting and unnecessary page fillers.

Also, amazingly so actually, the twist of our two heroes taking the entire campus and turning it into their own personal hookup spot only came across as necessary to the progression of this particular story. And hot. Mustn't forget *HOT*, because oooooh, lawdy!

        "Bedrooms are so boring. They’re not us."

Few writers could take Ethan and Greg's "out in the open" public trysts and not make them come across as only a plot gimmick to attract horny housewives (and house husbands) into the reading pool. But Truman did.

Blogtour: According To Hoyle by Abigail Roux (@abigailroux)

Today we're kicking off the blog tour (including a giveaway)

for Abigail Roux's

According To Hoyle

Hi! I'm Abigail Roux, the author of ACCORDING TO HOYLE. Thanks for having me. And don't forget the giveaway! Check out the details at the bottom of the post to see what you can win!


By the close of 1882 in the American West, the line between heroes and villains is narrow. Total chaos is staved off only by the few who take the law at its word and risk their lives to uphold it. But in the West, the rules aren’t always played according to Hoyle.
US Marshals Eli Flynn and William Henry Washington—longtime friends and colleagues—are escorting two prisoners to New Orleans for trial when they discover there’s more than outlawry to the infamous shootist Dusty Rose and the enigmatic man known as Cage. As the two prisoners form an unlikely partnership, the marshals can’t help but look closer at their own.
When forces beyond the marshals’ control converge on the paddle wheeler they’ve hired to take them downriver, they must choose between two dangers: playing by the rules at any cost, or trusting the very men they are meant to bring to justice.

Get the book:

About the author:

Bookblast: Just Stay by Aria Grace

Welcome to the bookblast for Aria Grace's

Just Stay


When Spencer agreed to help take down the leader of a Portland crime family, he didn't realize he'd end the night with the bloodied body of an unknowing accomplice in his arms. His initial interest in Dylan was purely physical but when Dylan stepped in front of Topher's gun and saved Spencer, the lust quickly turned into something more. Something he wasn't sure he'd ever find in the fast-paced dot com world he was from.

For mature readers.


He looks over his shoulder at his back, straining to see the smeared blood. “This should be fun.”

I turn around and step back to him. “Oh, right. Well, um, I can, you know, help with your back…if you want.”

Dylan’s eyes drop to my crotch and slowly trail up to my face. “Sure, if you don’t mind.”

Sunday, December 28, 2014

ARC Review: Off Campus (Bend or Break 1) by Amy Jo Cousins


With his father’s ponzi scheme assets frozen, Tom Worthington believes finishing college is impossible unless he can pay his own way. After months sleeping in his car and gypsy-cabbing for cash, he’s ready to do just that.

But his new, older-student housing comes with an unapologetically gay roommate. Tom doesn’t ask why Reese Anders has been separated from the rest of the student population. He’s just happy to be sleeping in a bed.

Reese isn’t about to share his brutal story with his gruff new roommate. You’ve seen one homophobic jock, you’ve seen ’em all. He plans to drag every twink on campus into his bed until Tom moves out. But soon it becomes clear Tom isn’t budging.

Tom isn’t going to let some late-night sex noise scare him off, especially when it’s turning him on. But he doesn’t want any drama either. He’ll keep his hands, if not his eyes, to himself. Boundaries have a way of blurring when you start sharing truths, though. And if Tom and Reese cross too many lines, they may need to find out just how far they can bend…before they break.

Dani's rating:

Two men struggle with fears and past hurts, trying to make their unexpected relationship work.

There's angst here, yes, but there is lightness too: HOPE, humor, and plenty of sexy times.

Tom is as much a victim of his dad's Ponzi scheme as the families who lost their savings. His dad in jail, Tom has nothing but a car he drives as a taxi on weekends and a duffle bag full of clothes. Tom is obsessively private and paranoid about attracting gossip.

He could still feel that train coming, the long, low moan of its horn rolling ahead of it, warning, warning, that it couldn’t slow down. Not for anything.

Reese is openly gay and wears his skinny jeans like armor. To scare off his straight new roommate, Reese starts marching a parade of guys through the dorm room, giving out blowjobs like candy.

Little does Reese know that his "straight" roommate isn't so straight, and more than turned on by what he sees.

The book is told from Tom’s POV, but both men are fully sketched, complex characters. Both come AT life, expecting a punch to the gut at any moment. They move from defensiveness to a tentative friendship to something deep and meanigfull, but the tenuous balance they achieve is easily shaken as emotional ghosts resurface.

Book Review: My Mate Jack by Garrett Leigh

My Mate Jack (Heated Beat #1)
Will Barter’s been in love with his best mate Jack for as long as he can remember. They’ve shared everything: love, life, laughs, even Will’s first kiss. But Jack’s straight, and Will’s long-buried infatuation means nothing until their last summer together draws to a close.
Then one night, everything changes, but with Will bound for university in Leeds, and Jack for his dream DJ job in Ibiza, there’s no time to explore their blurred lines. Before long all that’s left are secrets, lies, and misunderstandings.

In the months that follow, anger and hurt overshadow fifteen years of friendship, and Will must dig deep to remember Jack is his mate… his best mate, and nothing matters more than that, right?

Todd’s rating:

Wow, and here I thought Fair Catch by Del Darcy was an angsty read. That book has absolutely nothing on My Mate Jack in the frustration department.

Will, who's gay, and Jack, who's never said he was anything but straight, have been best friends since they were six years old and pretty much lived in one another's pockets until the end of high school. Closer than brothers.

But the week before Will leaves for college in Leeds and Jack flies off to Ibiza for a summer DJ gig, they have sex. Full-on, bawm-chicka-wow-wow, slow, heart-felt, git your bizness all up in my ‘no-no’ *penetrative* sex. (Yes. And it was WAAAAAY hot.)

Which was amazing for them both, but quickly leads to awkwardness and neither seeing the other before their departures. And so begins the crazy angst-fest that lasts for several years afterwards.

They exchange e-mails and texts very sporadically (once every few months at times, argh) as Will works to finish up his graphic design degree in Leeds.

And during that same time, Jack's career as a DJ has really taken off, with him becoming one of the most sought-after club and festival DJ's in Ibiza and around Europe.

The sad and CRAZY FRUSTRATING part of the book is that, as the years pass, it's painfully obvious that Will and Jack miss one another desperately. But, as usual with guys, they can't open up and actually *say* what the freaking hell is on their minds.

The story line is very, very good, with a veritable smorgasbord of drama and we do get our (eventual) purging of past hurts and confessions of feelings, which (once I stopped screaming at and wanting to bitch slap these two adorable, sexy idjits) put them both on the road to living happily ever after. Together. Finally. THANK FUCK.

If I didn't get my HEA after getting so fully invested in these two, my head would have blown clean off the top of my head, I shit you not.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book Review: The Red Sheet by Mia Kerrick

The Red SheetBlurb:
One October morning, high school junior Bryan Dennison wakes up a different person—helpful, generous, and chivalrous—a person whose new admirable qualities he doesn’t recognize. Stranger still is the urge to tie a red sheet around his neck like a cape.
Bryan soon realizes this compulsion to wear a red cape is accompanied by more unusual behavior. He can’t hold back from retrieving kittens from tall trees, helping little old ladies cross busy streets, and defending innocence anywhere he finds it.
Shockingly, at school, he realizes he used to be a bully. He’s attracted to the former victim of his bullying, Scott Beckett, though he has no memory of Scott from before “the change.” Where he’d been lazy in academics, overly aggressive in sports, and socially insecure, he’s a new person. And although he can recall behaving egotistically, he cannot remember his motivations.

Everyone, from his mother to his teachers to his “superjock” former pals, is shocked by his dramatic transformation. However, Scott Beckett is not impressed by Bryan’s newfound virtue. And convincing Scott he’s genuinely changed and improved, hopefully gaining Scott’s trust and maybe even his love, becomes Bryan’s obsession.

Todd’s rating:

I have a point, so please bear with me...

If you have a box full of fluffy, yellow chicks and add a chick with a black spot on its head into the mix, the other chicks will peck the spotted chick to death. If it's different, kill it. Sad, but true. : (

So what does that have to do with this book? Well, it's exactly the same with high school kids and let's just say that our would-be hero, Bryan Dennison, woke up one morning to the startling revelation that he had been a real PECKER.

He had been one of those aforementioned yellow chicks (but not a very fluffy one) whose group had been responsible for constantly pecking anyone who they deemed as even remotely different.

But unlike the other Superjock peckers, Bryan sees how horrible he's been to pretty much everyone and wants to be better person. Someone who he can truly be proud of. As Gandhi taught and the book quotes, he wants to "be the change you wish to see in the world."

And, oh yeah, he's literally DYING to don a red cape to help give him courage while bettering himself. Like a security blanket of sorts.

Enter Scott Beckett, who was someone extremely important in Bryan's life until shortly before his overnight "change." Someone who Bryan wronged on more levels than simple words could ever express. But Bryan *must* make things right with Scott, no matter the cost.

ARC Review: Butt Babes In Boyland Anthology

Butt Babes in Boyland

The holidays are a time for visiting with family and friends, and sharing tales of peace, childlike innocence, and good will towards all mankind. These are not those stories. Instead, sit back and allow yourself to be regaled with the colorful adventures of toy-themed parties with a twist, the future of Elf Enforcement, misfit sex toys at the North Pole, the mysterious Workshop 69, special delivery packages, and a serious case of potentially mistaken identity. This year, the Butt-thology authors cordially invite you to join them in creating a new tradition.

This holiday season, it’s not just turkeys getting stuffed!

My rating:

The Half Life Of Pumpkin Pie - Shae Connor

A nice, cute, sexy read about a lonely, somewhat malcontent dude, and a baker who makes the pie lonely dude takes to Turkey Dinner. I giggled when the toy party turned out to be a different kind of toy party, but I believed the budding relationship.

4 stars!

Elf Confidence - Kiernan Kelly

This novella was full of quotable lines, such as this one:

Zook's deep voice thundered, rattling every nerve in the room and literally scaring the crap out of the reindeer. The stench of fresh reindeer dung joined the odor of bitter smoke permeating the workshop.

Or this one, when Zook finds an elf reading a book:

Fifty Shades of Elf. Zook had tried reading it once, but when he found himself wanting to punch the heroine's Inner Goddess in the head just three pages in, that was the end of that.

Also, this novella marks the first appearance of a character named McJingles.

It was a hilarious read and I giggled and LOL'd quite a bit. There's talk of conspiracies, a bit of romance between Zook, the supervisor at workshop 69 (*giggles*) and his love interest Roger, wooden soldiers with large, ahem, dicks, an unhappy Mrs. Claus trying to overthrow her husband - all of it super fun, super entertaining and super not-serious.

5 stars!

It's A Wonderful Lube - Kage Alan

The one I had been looking forward to the most, knowing Mr. Alan's propensity for intelligent, tongue-in-cheek humor, this delivered at a level beyond my expectations.

From the first page, where we're reading a recruitment for Santa Holdings Incorporated Technologies (S.H.I.T), to the sweet ending, this novella took me on a ride (*giggles*) with magic, snark, sarcasm, wit, and a hot (and funny) romance between Wesley, a security intern for the North Pole, and Ethan, who's the son of Santa and Mrs. Claus, and the love of Wesley's life. There are horny elves, an HR rep who is dumb as a brick, references to JP Barnaby novels, and tons of snark that made me laugh out loud.

5 stars!

Overnight Delivery - Jevocas Green

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Kindle Weekly Deals~ Week of 12/20/14- 12/26/14

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"To Walk The Night" by E.S. Moore- Adult, urban fantasy~ Price drop to $0.99!

"Hopeless" by Colleen Hoover- YA, contemporary romance~ Price drop to $0.99!

"More Than Friends: Boxed Set" by Aria Grace- M/M, contemporary romance~ Price drop to $0.99!

"Graceling" by Kristen Cashore- YA, dysptopia~ Price drop to $1.99!

"The Douglas Fir" by Anyta Sunday- M/M, contemporary romance~ Price drop to $0.99!
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