Friday, December 13, 2013

Book Review - Family Man, by Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton

From the blurb:

Sometimes family chooses you. 
How does a man get to be forty without knowing whether he’s gay? That’s a question Vince Fierro is almost afraid to answer. If he is gay, it’ll be a problem for his big, fat Italian family. Still, after three failed marriages, he can’t help but wonder if he’s been playing for the wrong team. There’s only one way to settle it, once and for all—head for Chicago’s Boystown bars, far from anyone who knows him. Naturally, he runs smack into someone from the neighborhood. Between working two jobs, going to school, taking care of his grandmother, and dealing with his mother’s ongoing substance abuse, Trey Giles has little time for fun, let alone dating someone who swears he’s straight. Yet after one night of dancing cheek-to-cheek to the sultry strains of Coltrane, Trey finds himself wanting to help Vinnie figure things out—no promises, and no sex. It seems like a simple plan, until their “no-sex” night turns into the best date of their lives and forges a connection that complicates everything. Warning: This book deals with alcoholism, broken promises, and overbearing little sisters.

AnnaLund's rating:

This story snuck up on me, and even though it took a moment to get into it (I'm not a fan of different POVs, and here we have one 3rd past alternating with 1st past) but once I did? The words seduced me. The struggles. The love. The family. It all just pulled me in, and I was waiting to get back to them, when life pulled me out of my reading.

You see, Trey is just like some people I know; he is just as his Grandma explains:

"My Trey has a big heart. When he's happy, he could lift us all up to the clouds, but when he's down, it's hard for him to find his way out of the dark."

Vince really gets this young man, and it is beautiful to see him search for the best way to help. And by god he helps.

There is pain here, substance abuse, depression; and there is love, so much love.
How Trey finally folds himself into Vince, letting go of fear? It just made my heart soar.

And then all the Italian Family Drama. Oh, my. To a T.
"Nobody does drama quite like the Italians."

How Vince's sister Rachel just hugs him, made me cry. How she was just there for him.

Family. If you have it, you know. If you don't have it, you can borrow from others.

Because family? Is the people we choose.

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