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Blog Tour: Helena Newbury - In Harmony (@HelenaAuthor)

Today we shine the spotlight on Helena Newbury's latest release

In Harmony

Series: Fenbrook Academy (#2)

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Foster and Black New Adult

From the blurb:

Everyone expects her to succeed…. 
Karen plays the cello like an angel, and it’s the only thing that makes her truly feel alive. But her father’s dream—for her to join a prestigious orchestra—leaves no time in her life for anything but music…not even love. She feels trapped on her path, but doesn’t know how to rebel.
Everyone expects him to fail….
Connor plays rock guitar like the devil himself, and his ability has got him all the way from a dead-end life in Belfast to a scholarship at Fenbrook Academy. But beneath his arrogance and charm, he doesn’t believe he has what it takes. He’s spent his time in New York drinking and partying, and the only future he sees is a return to Ireland as soon as he flunks out.
But what no one expects….
When her duet partner is injured, Karen is forced to team up with Connor. Neither likes the idea, but what begins as anger and distrust slowly spirals into love…and lust. If they can face up to their feelings and act upon them, they might just have a chance together. Will Connor allow Karen to stop his fall? And can Karen trust him enough to let him show her a life she never thought possible?

Heather's review:

**4.5 stars**

Wow! Better than the first book in the Fenbrook Academy series! This author really stepped up to the plate!

Now, I'm super picky about my new adult books. The book market is just inundated with this genre, which is basically angsty, sex-ed up, college age stories. They are very often crap, which always makes me wary to try them. However, this book really surprised me with how good it was.

I'll try to break it down for everyone why I liked this story so much.

1)This book has a sense of humor. Sometimes authors seem to take their book way too seriously. You aren't writing the freaking bible, people. This book doesn't, which I adored. The author mocked a lot of stereotypes in a fun, lighthearted way.

2)The couple have real problems that don't magically go away. I was surprised to see that the couples from the first book are revisited here and we can see that their "happily ever afters" are not as straightforward as they originally appeared. The author wasn't afraid to show the characters as real, flawed people. It was pretty awesome.

3)For a long book, the pace was good. Clocking in at over 400 pages, this book could have been super boring and draggy. However, I had no problem keeping my interest zeroed in on the story at hand.

4)The author avoided easy outs. I kept waiting for the dreaded "miscommunications" and the like to crop up and spoil a good book. However, the author didn't use any of these tired plot tricks. **Praise the lord**

5)It was HOT. Steamy writing, definitely geared to an adult audience. I, for one, appreciated the extra sex content!

All in all, this book was a great read. I'll be on the look out for more books in this series, for sure.

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About the author:

I’m a New Adult Romance author based in London and love to write about tangled love and characters who dare to dream. I believe in strong coffee, fast cars and the ability of him or her to make us forget absolutely everything else.

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