Sunday, October 6, 2013

ARC Review: Agamemnon Frost and the Hollow Ships by Kim Knox

Agamemnon Frost and the Hollow Ships
From the blurb:

Book two of Agamemnon Frost

Edgar Mason is ready to embark upon his new life at Agamemnon Frost's side. But all is not perfect. His Martian overlord, Pandarus, has implanted a dark voice in his mind, a voice that urges betrayal. And though Mason can keep close to Frost, there's little room for romance under the watchful gaze of the engineers from Station X.That changes when Mason and Frost reopen their investigation into their old enemy's whereabouts. Posing as double agents and investigating cryptic rumors of "hollow ships," they find him impersonating a London banker and worm their way into his confidence.But their success brings them trouble in spades. Pandarus takes them into the belly of his ships, where he plans to transfigure them into mindless automata. And with Earth on the brink of invasion, Frost's old flame Theodora reappearing and Pandarus's brainwashing growing more effective, Mason and Frost will find their bond tested as never before.

Heather's rating:

Another odd, interesting installment in the Agamemnon Frost series.

I think alien steampunk is just too cool for me. I read these books in a bit of a daze, thinking, "I must be missing something here because everyone else LOVES these little novellas." I liked it, to be sure, but it feels a bit unattainable for me. I can't quite get an attachment to these characters.

What I enjoy about these books are the fast pace and the crazy, unique world that Kim Knox created. I'm still guessing as to the exact nature of the relationship between Frost and Mason, but I think that is kind of the point. This installment felt like a middle book in the series with a lot of anticipation about what is yet to come. I know I'm excited. Here's to hoping that the third book is the one that makes me fall in love. I'm waiting for my "ah ha" moment for this series.

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